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EXV DMVision R Series - to build large screen showed the best cost-effective wall

  EXV DMVision R series of large-screen projection display modules using precision sheet metal box structure, have a good noise, thermal insulation, seismic function, with superb engineering and technical experience, combining the latest research and development results, a rigorous high-temperature, high-strength test , the completion of the most advanced screen splicing process. Big-screen display system screen between slot gap is not more than 0.5 mm. EXV DMVision R series of large-screen projection display unit
EXV DMVision R series of large-screen projection display unit

DLP large screen EXV DMVision R series of large-screen projection units technological superiority

  1. Unique double-layer optical design: big-screen mosaic wall box structure with dust, and against miscellaneous light, the level of the unique characteristics of heat. Double-box structure avoids the screen, mirror on the attachment and electrostatic dust caused by dirt, and discard the traditional vertical dispersion to the higher the temperature of the upper screen problems.
  2. Large-screen projection units using the patented technology EXL optical structure, and increase the rate of light projection, increased brightness, and thoroughly resolve the solar effect.
  3. EXV DMVision large-screen projection display modules using unique automatic white balance technology, were able to adjust the various primary colors red, green, blue and various blend gain in value, effectively compensate the color difference between the different box and brightness difference to ensure that large screen display wall is always balanced color and brightness.
  4. Large-screen mosaic wall box using standard cooling structure, discard the traditional vertical dispersion so that the higher the temperature of the upper screen problems, but also caused light path easily air dust pollution. The traditional vertical heat from below into the cold air is, from the hot air from above, after the hot air of a three-tier after four screen display system for work several hours later, the minimum temperature below the screen, above the maximum will be formed light-Bulb have performance loss, resulting in above-fuzzy below. Screen brightness color consistency of the city without getting worse as time goes by.
  5. Cost-effective advantage.

  DLP large screen Specifications technical parameters

Resolution:XGA (1024x768)
Traverse Brightness:850 Lumens
Brightness Uniformity:Over 95%
Source:UHP Lamp
Source Life:8000-10000 Hours
Screen Types:Composite glass screen
Slot:Physical slot less than 0.5 mm, optical slot less than 1.0 mm
Color:Support 256,64K, 16M and true color, and other color models
Signal Interface:1 analog RGB interface, 1 video signal interface, 1 Road DVI interface
Video Interface:PAL, NTSC and SECAM signals, the whole format
Control Signal Input/OutputRS422A DB9 pin series connection, RS232A
Operating Temperature:0°C - 40°C (The best temperature: 18°C - 26°C)
Work Humidity:10% - 90%, No Dew
Module Power:200W
Total Power Consumption:About 6000VA
Voltage:AC220V ± 5%/50Hz
The Average Time Without Fault:MTBF: Over 30,000 Houra
Overall Life Expectancy Projection Engine:Over 100,000 Hours
Unit Weight:40Kg70Kg75Kg90Kg120Kg


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