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EXV DMVision V Series - definition large screen display wall of new global standards

  EXV DMVision V Series is EXV professional company with excellent mechanical design the perfect combination of optical technology, the global unique automatic Gamut Space Control (CSC), dynamic brightness balance (DBB) technology, the stability of the industry best. EXV level using unique cooling, double optical design technology enables EXV DMVision V family of products with unparalleled imaging effects.
EXV DMVision V series of large-splicing unit
EXV DMVision V series of large-splicing unit

DLP large screen EXV DMVision V series of large-screen projection unit's unique technology

  * CSC is the only auto industry Gamut regulatory function
  * All movements of closed Alloy Die Casting Design
  * Dynamic Brightness balance Circuit Design
  * As before-status LED indicators and automatic diagnostic functions
  * Traverse room with the projection room isolation technology
  * Smart lamp (SL) and the color wheel (SC) Technical
  * Brightness regional debugging functions

  DLP large screen Specifications technical parameters

ResolutionXGA (1024X768)
ScreenSize50 Inches60 Inches62 Inches67 Inches84 Inches
Area (mm)1000X7501200X9001240X9301360X10201700X1275
Thickness (mm)580700720770970
Brightness1000 Lumens
Contrast ratio Coefficient2000:1
Ultra-high pressure mercury lamp
8000 Hours/10000 Hours
Screen TypesComposite glass screen/BB screen
Scanning Input FrequencyLevel: 31.5KHz-78KHz; Vertical: 49HZ-85Hz
Analog RGB Signal InputRGB signal levels: 0.7Vp-p Cathode/75 Ohmic
Synchronization: TTL level (cathode/anode)
Green Synchronization
Digital RGB Signal InputTMDS (DVI-D Connector)
Control Signal Input/OutputRS-232C: D-Sub 9 pin
Control Link: D-Sub 9 pin 2 (Input, Output)
Distal wire: F3.5 jack
Ir Receivers
Power Consumption (100/240 V)200/295W
PowerAC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Temperature10-35 °C
Humidity20-80% (No Dew)

DLP large screen EXV DMVision V series of large-screen projection display unit

  EXV large-screen projection display wall is superior mechanical design and EXV excellent optical technology, stable and reliable electronic systems Perfect Combination.
  Stitching large screen display wall using Denmark DNP high performance composite optical glass screen with wide viewing angles, high uniformity, high rigidity, low deformation, variable focal length characteristics.
  Big-screen display system using sheet metal combination box wall structure: pleasing in appearance and the effective isolation of noise, maintenance is also very convenient.
  Mainly used: Public Order 110 command centers, power dispatch center, telecommunications network management center, and water control center and other government departments, and other fields. The environment for a variety of applications to provide a complete mosaic wall DLP big-screen display system solutions.

DLP large screen EXV DMVision DLP big-screen projection display technology

12-bit digital gamma circuit so that the use of gray in bright and dark regions Regional more smooth,
more precise reduction, thereby correcting a halftone phenomenon.

  EXV large-screen projection engine using well-known international brands, the color wheel projection engines, light path, the system input boards, signal processing board, and other manufacturers to provide for the same part, the large-screen display system EXV projection traverse the color wheel and optical total enclosure by the manufacturer the structure, non-commercial or civilian projector transformation products.
  The original 10-bit high-frequency pulse circuit raised to 12 bit more sophisticated in terms of performance that the colors in the dark zone or zones can faithfully display color. Particularly noteworthy is the dark area, the capacity of color performance significantly improved.
  Ordinary DLP and LCD projector only 8 Bit gray levels, namely 256 rating. But EXV using advanced 12 gray three-dimensional high-frequency pulse circuit, will be 12 Bit Gray, reaching 4,096 kinds, ordinary projector's 16 times! This can be even more delightful images smoothing effect, the complete elimination of the digital images unique ladder transitional phenomenon.

12°DMDTM chips and the use of new optical components to achieve a 2000:1 high contrast

  EXV large-screen projection engine contrast to the unprecedented 2000:1, large-screen display system as a whole picture becomes clearer unprecedented sharp. As we all know, the higher the contrast. Large-screen mosaic wall display screen equipment as shown in the nearly invisible to the naked eye observation of human nature to the image, the color areas close to nature observers eyes would make more difficult fatigue, high-contrast graphic equipment can be relatively dark brightness equipment the circumstances allow users to differentiate between more image details, to a certain extent, users can reduce eye fatigue. More applicable to monitoring the environment.
  EXV large-screen projection engine will be "color extensions," adding "natural color matrix", the new natural color matrix can be better color reduction, so as to achieve superior quality images.

Background light using digital control circuit,
improved lighting in the background of the image contrast

  The current method of conversion there is a "fuzzy text" or "lack of information". New digital conversion method combines the advantages of the present method.
  The current large-screen display wall box need to use the 6-axis adjustment of the machinery of a geometric alignment adjustment. EXV DMVision large-screen display system does not require any mechanical box on the geometric alignment adjustment.
  EXV DLP big-screen mosaic wall as a large-screen multi-screen display system splicing, it should be able to provide continuous color, brightness of the image is very homogeneous. Such a system requires using Gamut by the control circuit to compensate for the dispersion of the projector unit caused by the difference in tone between the box.

Improved animation (DCDi +3 DY/C) The use of a higher level of
fluency reproduction quality animation "DCDi"

  In EXV DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system, EXV DLP DCDi by way of loading can watch movies in the elimination of images sawtooth line. This form is the only industry for the units to pixels lines correction (angle position), it can address each pixel video animation according to the perspective of each line are processed to create the best quality, reproduction fluent, distinctive high-precision animation. And it loaded three-dimensional Y/C separation circuit that eliminates vertical stripe pattern and color spots such as precipitation phenomena.

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