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  Stitching EXV DMVision large screen display system is superior wall of the mechanical design and excellent optical technology, stable and reliable electronic systems Perfect Combination.
  Stitching large screen display wall using Denmark DNP high performance composite optical glass screen with wide viewing angles, high uniformity, high rigidity, low deformation, variable focal length characteristics.
  Large screen display wall using sheet metal combination box wall structure: pleasing in appearance and the effective isolation of noise, maintenance is also very convenient.
  Big-screen display system mainly used: Public Order 110 command centers, power dispatch center, telecommunications network management center, and water control center and other government departments, and other fields. The environment for a variety of applications to provide a complete DLP big-screen mosaic wall system solutions.
 DLP large screen EXV DMVision R Series
  EXV DMVision R series big-screen mosaic wall display unit for large-screen display system designed splicing standard products. DDR controller chips using next-generation control is 12° deflection perspective the DMD chip, contrast, brightness, and many other indicators of well over similar products. EXV big screen virtually unique double-optical processing technology and level of cooling technology, automatic white balance technology and its cost-effective advantages to DMVision R Series modules display projection display market and users have the consensus. EXV DMVision R Series

 DLP large screen EXV DMVision V Series
  EXV DMVision V series of large-screen projection display unit is EXV professional mechanical design excellence with the DLP the perfect combination of optical technology, the global unique automatic Gamut Space Control (CSC), dynamic brightness balance (DBB) technology, all sealed aluminum alloy Die Casting traverse design, the best stability of the industry. The level of virtually EXV unique cooling, double optical design technology enables DMVision V series of products and has no effect than the image. EXV DMVision V Series

 DLP large screen EXV DMVision T (Tin) Series
  EXV DMVision T series of large-screen display modules splicing (former ultra-thin display module maintenance) is a thin positive safeguard the large screen projection display unit, which not only excellent performance, powerful, and easy to operate, greatly save space.
  DMVision T series of DLP big-screen display modules splicing, a standard DLP big-screen display system all splicing wall of the various features, the use of unique optical system and EXL thin spherical reflector technology, the big-screen splicing unit is less than 380 mm thickness . And in the big screen brightness before the adoption of the technology has been updated to meet space in the large bright screen display requirements. With more convenient big-screen mosaic wall positive maintenance, such as the latest space-saving design, the large-screen display modules splicing more refined compact, especially suitable for compact rooms. Large screen display wall box equipped with a special ventilation internal structure, Mosaic box into a wall display wall and the wall installation, the cooling can still achieve the desired results.
  Large-screen mosaic wall as a DLP Multi-screen display system splicing, it should be able to provide continuous color, brightness of the image is very homogeneous.
EXV DMVision T (Tin) Series

 DLP large screen EXV DMVision H (High-definition) Series
  EXV DMVision H series of large-screen projection display unit (a resolution of 1400 X 1050 high-definition display units), an advanced third generation of highly reliable, Double-Lamp DLP technology, equipment, no burn phenomenon, 365 days x 24 hours long row the use will not have any damage to the projector, the big screen mosaic wall display has no impact. The unique two-tier optical design technology, the unique level of heat treatment can DLP big-screen display system from the installation of a few years after the end of debugging can maintain the same display, to achieve the same clarity, resolution and sharpness.
  Large-screen mosaic wall Double-Lamp structure of the modular design technology has a number of the world's leading technology, operating systems can be removed from the display unit during internal cleaning, replacement of equipment components removed from the majority of debugging work, their unique internal data feedback automatic correction function, which made the whole big-screen display system in splicing after long-term use remain consistent color images, without manual adjustment and greatly reduce long-term operating costs.
EXV DMVision H (High-definition) Series


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