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  Large-screen mosaic wall display system widely used in oilfield production control scheduling system, power dispatch system, the public security 110 command center, the city emergency command center, the rail/subway, highway scheduling command center, the customs, border control systems, telecommunications, post and telecommunications network management Center, the military operation command centers, and three defenses command centers, and other fields.
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Customer Name Project Size Specifications
Yunnan Stone Forest Scenic visitor center3X7DLP50″
Sanya, Hainan Water Authority2X4DLP50″
Yantai Public Security Bureau3X2DLP62″
Huizhou WCB3X4DLP50″
Shenzhen Social Security Bureau2X2DLP50″
Jiangsu Mobile Communication Co. Ltd.3X10DLP67″
China UnionPay3X8DLP67″
Qualcomm Kai Expressway Monitoring Center3X10DLP67″
The Shanghai branch of China Construction Bank2X4DLP50″
Zhengzhou Power Authority3X5DLP67″
Jinzhou Power Authority2X2DLP67″
Zhuhai Power Authority2X4DLP67″
Anqing, Anhui Power Supply Bureau2X3DLP67″
Zhejiang Jiaxing Power Authority2X3DLP50″
Guiyang water company2X3DLP67″
Changsha Power Authority3X4DLP50″
North China Power Grid Scheduling System4X5DLP50″
Wireless Network Management Center, Beijing2X4DLP50″
Guangdong Huizhou Land Bureau2X4DLP60″
Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite TV3X4DLP50″
Posts and Telecommunications Mobile Network Management Center2X4DLP50″
A Military Region, Yunnan Province2X3DLP60″
The Shanghai Pudong International Airport3X4DLP50″
Inner Mongolia Qinghua coking Mining Group3X4DLP67″
Fertilizer West PSB2X2DLP60″
Taiyuan Mining Bureau3X3DLP60″
Shenzhen Institute of Qinghua University2X2DLP60″
Yuncheng Public Security3X3DLP50″
The Public Security Bureau of Shanxi Xiaoyi2X2DLP67″
Oilfield in Turpan - Hami oil6X3DLP42″
Shenyang Railway Bureau2X2DLP42″
The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Branch3X3DLP42″
Luoyang Railway Bureau2X2DLP84″
Zaozhuang surplus Thai Group3X2DLP60″
South China International Logistics Center2X1DLP67″
Dongguan STB3X2DLP67″
Xiangtan Steel Group2X2DLP60″
Jiangsu Expressway Management Center2X8DLP60″
Shenzhen branch of China Construction Bank2X2DLP50″
The Public Security Bureau in Lingshi2X2DLP60″
Shunde musicians from the public security2X2DLP60″
Coking Group of Inner Mongolia Qinghua3X4DLP67″
Beijing's Xicheng District Court2X3DLP60″
Jinping power station in Sichuan2X4DLP67″
Daqing Oilfield dispatch center2X3DLP67″
The social security fund management center in Shenzhen2X2DLP50″
Yong River Mine2X2DLP67″
Henan Shenhuo Power Group2X4DLP67″
A unit of the Chengdu Military Region2X2DLP84″
Shandong Zibo Aluminum Plant2X3DLP60″

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