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EXV Eviews Software Management System

  EXV Eviews software management system is my company against big-screen multi-screen splicing controller, EXV DMVision V series, EXV DMVision R series of large-screen projection display modules, and other features of the hardware equipment development of multi-screen expansion of Mosaic software, the system is divided into:
    1. Horizon windows driver, Multi-screen graphics display driver
    2. SMV CONTORL_PROCESSOR Service Module
    3. SMV CONTROL_REMOTE Customer module (remote management)
    4. SMV VIRTUAL_SCREE Network display server
  1. The system features a powerful, friendly interface, the system integrates a projector on the big screen can control movements of the main functions of display mode, it can read the life of the lamp, the projector unit equipment parameters parameter adjustment, system monitoring functions: control through the end of the software, in addition, can be carried out at the same time large-screen projection of the parameters set, the great convenience to users and the use of the equipment, operation maintenance.
  2. With account management function, multi-user management at different levels, can add, delete or edit button implementation of account management operation, the allocation for different accounts different operational competence.
EXV Eviews Software Management System
EXV Eviews Software Management Syste   3. Based on the TCP/IP network multi-user real-time operation can be set up through the network configuration menu option in the toolbar or button access to the network configuration image processor interface. The address bar in the image processor input by the network to control the images.
  4. To achieve a variety of signal source definition, scheduling and management, in the main interface of the lower right hand corner you can see all the walls in the large-screen display shows the signal source can be selected within the interface signals and wall paintings in a virtual interface within the projector .
  5. Signal Source window to achieve arbitrary combination of model definition and editing. Including the video signal, RGB signals and the definition of the network signal.
  6. EXV companies to achieve a variety of display modes-defined flexible call, through the menu system to choose the mode of preservation under option or direct click on the toolbar button fast mode can be preserved into the dialog box. In the dialog box to be kept by the model name, click can be identified on the current virtual wall projection of the region as a whole window mode preserved.
  You can delete button to delete the selected mode. The current projection can be virtual wall of the region as a whole window mode preserved. You can also use the delete button to delete the selected mode. Under the system menu by choosing the option or included in the direct model
Click on the toolbar button on the fast mode can be entered printed in the dialog box. Click on the model chosen after determining that the model can be derived virtual projection wall region. Click delete selected models can be deleted.
  7. RGB matrix can be controlled, support plug-in hardware equipment control module can be continuously expanded system functions available through the Setup menu in the matrix directive or set up in the toolbar button Matrix EXV Eviews Software Management System Set into the matrix interface. Users can interface in this light of the actual situation in the set is used matrix, switches and control computer connected to a COM port and switches the input and output ports.
  8. EXV Eviews Software Management System with automated demo player, nobody can intervene in the case in accordance with pre-set in the wall of large-screen display automatically switches the various modes of storage.
EXV Eviews Software Management System
EXV Eviews Software Management System   9. EXV companies to provide Software Management System Development Kit and EXV Eviews Software Management System developed technical support. Users may use the development kit for secondary development, can be big-screen application management software provides all the features of fully accessible within inlay in the other system.
  10. EXV Eviews Software Management System to support such as AMX and Crestron central controller, the controller provide for these calls associated with the operation mode interface and system startup and shutdown operation interface.
  Control can be used in the opening menu item to open or stop or stop the central controller interface, can also click on the toolbar button in the control set up and entered interface. The interface can be in the choice of connecting with the central controller interface in the control interface after the start, the same can also stop in at this interface in the control interface.


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