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Application Areas

Large-screen mosaic wall widely used in the following sectors:

  ◇ Factories, mines, coal mines, oil production monitoring, scheduling system
  ◇ Electricity, water monitoring Scheduling System
  ◇ Public Order 110 command center, the traffic police communications, command centers, prisons, reeducation-through-monitor
  ◇ The railway, subway, highway scheduling command center, the highway toll stations Monitor
  ◇ Television Display System
  ◇ Customs, border, border control
  ◇ Shopping mall advertising demo, control
  ◇ Land Bureau, the real estate trading center
  ◇ Water Scheduling System
  ◇ Telecommunications, Post and Telecommunications Network Management
  ◇ Military Command Center, operations, training center
  ◇ "Three Protective" command center
  ◇ Enterprise product display
  ◇ Bank Monitoring System
  ◇ Weather System
  ◇ Securities System
  ◇ Safety Board, Safety Center
  ◇ Conference System
Application Areas

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