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SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller

  The large-screen display system is the most important part of Multi-screen controller splicing. If the large-screen rear projection display system describe a computer, then display modules from splicing the big screen on the wall shows that the equivalent of a large area of super-high-resolution large-screen displays, and large screen Multi-screen controller equivalent Stitching mainframe, host of performance is good or bad, and the speed of processing speed, the control software is easy to operate directly affects the large-screen display system display.
  Stitching large-screen multi-screen controller is a highly reliable multi-screen controller splicing can be driven by the multi-projector composed of a unified virtual large screen display system, users can in the whole big screen on the basis of need arbitrary zoom window.
DLP large screen SMV Picture Splicing Controller

  SMV splicing system is the host controller through an independent sub-networks and serial connections, in control of all system components. And, through connections with local network capable of handling signals from the local network. Its operating platform for Windows XP, SMV manipulation interface for the development of large-screen multi-screen splicing system control software.

SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller
SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller

  SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller using high-performance PC architecture and Pentium4 image processing CPU to ensure the stability of the image signal.
  SMV the physical topology of the network structure without any specific requirements, the network transmission is based on standard TCP/IP protocol. SMV right to the network capacity to support more network connections to support the standard Ethernet and Fast Ethernet interface, and can be mixed use. By increasing the network interface will enable SMV convenient connect to multiple networks.

DLP large screen SMV Controller Function

  SMV electronic maps can be all kinds of computer signal, and multi-channel video signal displayed on the large screen mosaic wall display system, according to users and the need for expanding the number of input signals.
  • SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller provides display wall geometry adjustment and color adjustment signal signal to ensure that the wall shows the geometry and color consistency.
  • Show multiple windows and allows for window superimposed, zooming and roaming.
  • The mouse function will allow networked workstations in the mouse showed that the use of the wall.
  • In the large-screen display can be arbitrary creation of the wall window, not limit the number of windows.
  • Large screen display information for the wall display real-time information.
  • Arbitrary display window at the same time can show that the video and RGB signals.
  SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller is an open systems, standards can be fully consistent with Windows, support TCP/IP, directly through network connections can be displayed on the network any one and multiple applications on the computer graphics, text (including Chinese, S), forms. SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller provide special enlarge/reduce function, users can be designated to make accurate information amplification and narrow. Providing a large screen display and wall geometry adjustment and color adjustment signal signal to ensure that the wall shows the geometry and color consistency.
  Can output from 640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200 standard-resolution images, a number of large screen projection driver modules to meet the control center portfolio and large-size high-resolution display needs. Support each pixel 24-bit color depth.
  Installed Windows 2000 Professional, can be applied to large-capacity needs of data and video sharing and multi-user environment. Large screen can be displayed on the mobile, arbitrary zoom position.
  High-performance large-screen multi-screen splicing controller can handle up to 32 display projector modules, each projector's resolution up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. Instructions for control of the show to meet application needs and future expansion of equipment and equipped with enough input choice.
  Network Capacity: Image Stitching will be among the network access controller, the controller Image Stitching the projector connected composed of large screen display wall, in terms of the user is a super-high-resolution interface. SMV big screen image mosaic controller is extremely network capacity to support more network connections to support the standard Ethernet and Fast Ethernet interface (10 M/100M/1000M compatible) and can be mixed use. By increasing the network interface will enable convenient connections to many networks.

DLP Large Screen Equipped with the unique embedded Intelligent Micro-touch biometric system

  EXV smart-touch biometric system uses embedded technology breakthrough of the traditional fingerprint identification system misjudgment high rate of input fingerprint information, fingerprints easily be camouflaged deception, and recognition speed slowly, such as advanced encryption algorithm does not bottleneck to the use of simple, the reaction rapid, and the protection of information security, must be biological in vivo will start automatically identify, prevent the illegal invasion of advanced level.
DLP large screen SMV splicing controller signal display

  General large-screen display systems to large-screen projection display in a wall mosaic image signal has revealed that three types:
  1. Network Signal Processing
      We will use the image mosaic Controller System is a Windows-based graphical mosaic, from the network's point of view, Image Stitching controller system and the common server without any difference. Show messages is a super-high-resolution display interface.
  2. Computer Image Signal Processing
      We can computer signals to RGB way connected to the SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller RGB input cards, will be sent to its large-screen displays. So we can workstations on the network signal to RGB approach large-screen access to the network failure, to the backup role. This system configuration 2 Road RGB input, according to user needs expand.
  3. Real-time video image signal processing
      All technical standards for video signals connected to the image mosaic controller, large screen display system will be requested in the video signal input SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller, SMV Splicing Multi-screen Controller all video signal can be output in the whole show on the screen arbitrary fenestration .
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DLP large screen Specifications technical parameters

  SMV2000/4000/6000 Stitching large-screen multi-screen controller main technical parameters
Power350 W/500W server dedicated power/single-supply/2 +1 hot redundant power
FansSingle-cooling fans/5 hot swap cooling fans
ProcessorsIntel Pentium 4
System Memory512MB (Optional)
Disk Storage
Hard Hrives80 GB IDE
CD-ROM DrivesDVD-ROM; Choose the CD-RW or DVD-RW
Graphics Display
Graphics Memory32MB SGRAM/256MB/2GB的400MHz DDR SDRAM per way
The Number Of Output Channels32/
Output formatsAny rectangular array
ResolutionEach output channel 640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200 pixels
Color DepthEach pixel 24
The Output SignalRGB
RGB Input
InputTwo HD15/2-4 input (HD15/DVI-I)
FormatSynchronous types of arbitrary RGB (synthesis, single, green synchronization)
Video Input
Importation2-8 road all standard composite video input/2-256 Road whole standard composite video input
Network Interface and Options
EthernetTwo 10BaseT/100BaseT/1000BaseT RJ45 Network Interface
Input Devices
Keyboard104 Keys PS/2
Mouse3 Keys with the wheel, PS/2
SerialA high-speed 16550 ports,RS232C
ParallelA high-speed ports, ECP/EPP
USB2 or 4 ports
Operating Environment
Temperature10-40's degrees
Humidity20-80% No Dew
Altitude10,000 feet below
Electrical Requirements - Chassis
Input Voltage115/230, automatic adjustment power
Trip Frequency50/60 Hz
Software Support
Operating SystemWindows 2000/ Windows XP Professional Edition
Video and RGBContents Management Software
Embedded Intelligent Micro-touch Biometric System
Recognition Speed1ms
Error Rates1:500000
Life1,000,000 times
Biological Live JudgementSupport
Development Platform and ToolsEmbedded Systems, C and Assembly Language


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