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EXV DMVision H (High-definition) Series - Large Screen Display Wall System Industry Trends

DLP large screen EXV DMVision H (High-definition) Series Large-screen Projection Cube

  EXV DMVision H Series Large-screen Projection Cube is specifically targeted at the ultra-high resolution display requirements of the design of products. Using modular system design, optical-conditioning technology will be the latest signal processing, image processing, digital color control, digital signal processing technology, mechanical systems design, patented screen technology, professional seamless integration of splicing technology. The current large-screen display system splicing wall to the overall development trend is for large-screen (80-inch/84-inch/100 inch) high-resolution, high brightness, as well as the development of the modular structure of modern design and installation process, makes large-screen display system with unparalleled image quality and display characteristics, leading to the international market.
EXV DMVision H (High-definition) Series Display Cube
EXV DMVision H (High-definition) Series Display Cube
Double-Lamp Technical Diagram
DLP large screen Stable and reliable double-lamp backup technology

  Rapid replacement of the lamp can maximize the functional lighting the lamp fault shortened time. When a fault not lighting the lamp, spare light bulbs and will begin immediately to work in Mobile. In 10 seconds or so users can be replaced by the new lamp brightness uniformity with the neighboring see the images.

DLP large screen The higher resolution and higher contrast ratio

  Using TI's latest SXGA+ chip, physical resolution of 1400 X1050. Display modules using the latest generation of digital light processing digital design, access to the industry-leading.
Display performance and unprecedented high brightness, high-contrast, high-definition. In the reductive color, image uniformity of the area represent the world's highest level.

DLP large screen Unit smaller number of low maintenance costs, higher reliability

  SXGA+ chip DLP products using TI's latest development of the 0.9 inches 120 DDR DMD, their life expectancy could reach 100,000 hours above.

DLP large screen More information can be displayed

  EXV DMVision H series of large-screen projection display modules using ultra-high-resolution optical physics engine that can display delicate, refined ultra-high-resolution signals, such as GIS, GPS vector maps, high-resolution aerial photos, high-resolution graphics power SCADA and so on. SXGA+ DMD chip to display resolution has been raised to a higher level.
0.7 inches 12° DDR (XGA resolution, 1024 x 768) DMD
0.7 inches 12° DDR (XGA resolution, 1024 x 768) DMD: display signals Changkuan ratio of 4:3, revealed that the amount of information for the 1024 x 768 = 786,000 pixels. On display SXGA/SXGA+/UGA, and other high-resolution signal, the use of pumping lines algorithm, the original information will be lost pixels, mainly applied to 67 inches below the low-resolution large-screen rear projection display module.
0.9 inches 12° DDR (SXGA+ resolution of 1400 x 1050) DMD
0.9 inches 12 ° DDR (SXGA+ resolution of 1400 x 1050) DMD: display information for 1400 x 1050 = 1470000 pixels, the amount of information displayed is the 1.87 times XGA using a deep black

  DLP large screen Specifications technical parameters

Model R50HU/R50HT
Resolution:SXGA+ (1400x1050)
Size (MM):1000X7501200X9001240x9301360X10201700X1275
Thickness (MM): Standard: 580
Slim: 380
Standard: 700
Tin: 480
Standard: 720
Tin: 500
Standard: 770
Tin: 510
Standard: 970
Tin: 640
Traverse Brightness:1800 Lumens
Brightness Uniformity:Over 95%
Contrast: 2000:1 (R series)/2200:1 (V-Series)
Source:UHP Lamp
Source Life:8000-10000 Hours
Screen Types:Composite glass screen
Slot:Physical slot less than 0.5 mm, optical slot less than 1.0 mm
Display Colors:Support 256,64 K, 16M and true color, and other color models
Signal Interface:1 analog RGB interface, 1 video signal interface, 1 Road DVI interface
Video Interface:PAL, NTSC and SECAM signals, the whole format
Control Signal Input/OutputRS422A DB9 pin rods, RS232A
Temperature:0°C - 40°C (best working temperature: 18°C - 26°C)
Work Humidity:10% - 90%, No Dew
Module Power:200W
Total Power Consumption:About 6000VA
Voltage:AC220V ± 5%/50Hz
Average Fault-Free Time:MTBF: Over 30,000 Hours
Overall Life Expectancy Projection Engines:Over 100,000 Hours


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