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The comparison of DLP and LCD technology

DLP (All-digital projection display technology)
LCD (LCD projection display technology)

Core technology
DLP: All-digital DDR DMD chip
LCD: LCD panels

Imaging principle
DLP: Projection Principle of optical projection is to pass through the high-speed rotating disc further strikes into the red and blue green DLP chip reflection imaging.
LCD: Through the use of optical projection RGB RGB filter, then through the three RGB LCD projection board, synthetic projection imaging.

DLP: Pixel space small, clear picture, without blinking phenomenon.
LCD: Pixel space, a phenomenon mosaic slight flicker.

DLP: High
LCD: General

DLP: Filled with light volume as high as 90% of the total volume-filling efficiency greater than 60%.
LCD: Filled with light volume in 70% or so largest optical efficiency of greater than 30%.

Reduction of color
DLP: High (Digital imaging principle)
LCD: General (The digital-to-analog conversion restrictions)


Gray level
DLP: High (1024 per 10bit)
LCD: Rich level is not high enough

Uniformity of color
DLP: Over 90% (Gamut compensation circuit, color consistency).
LCD: Colorless domain compensation circuit, with the aging of LCD panels have increasingly serious and chromatic aberration.

Brightness uniformity
DLP: Over 95% (Figures uniform compensation circuit transition to a more uniform screen brightness before).
LCD: Non-compensation circuit, "Solar effect".

DLP: The DLP chip sealed package, the environmental impact of small, and there is more than 20 years of service life, high reliability.
LCD: LCD material impact on the environment, unstable.

Lamp life
Philips UHP original use of long life light bulbs, long life, DLP generally applicable where long show. LCD: Lamp life short, LCD not suitable for continuous work long hours.

The life
DLP: The DLP chip for 100,000 hours more than life.
LCD: LCD panels lifetime 20,000 hours or so.

The degree of light interference by outside
DLP: DLP technology integration box structure, free from any outside interference light.
LCD: Seriously, in the light of the outside world, inability to clearly show that.


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