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DLP large screen display wall system is a first choice in command and control scheduling

    With computers and digital multimedia technology, the rapid development of communication technology, visualization of information technology in the command and control centers have been widely applied. Particularly in the big-screen projection wall at the core of all types of electronic equipment scheduling gain access to command and control sites. Large-screen projection wall system is mainly a large-screen CRT projector wall systems, large-screen projection DLP wall systems, large-screen LCD projection wall system, PDP Plasma large screen projection wall system. DLP big-screen projection wall system is the recent rise of the most widely used and the wall of large-screen projection system.

    DLP is short for "Digital Light Porsessor". DLP technology is an epoch-making revolution shows that the field, as the audio CD in the field of producing great impact, DLP video projection display will open up a new chapter. Part of the heart of its Digital Micromirror Device DMD (Digital Micormirror Device), through the control of micro-silicon metal reflector (16 μ m, X16 μ m) modulated signals the direction of the reflection, DMD optical drive system, and through the projector lens access screen images.

  DLP big-screen projection wall system will be the most outstanding international display technology and equipment, projection wall splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, multi-path signal switching technology, network technology and other integrated set of applications, so that the entire system has become a high-brightness , high clarity, high intelligent control, the methods of operation of the most advanced large-screen projection display wall system. Passage of the DLP big-screen projection display wall system capable of network resources and associated information for real-time monitoring and control, presentation and intelligent management, have greatly improved network intuitive and workable so that the work can be timely, efficient the completed on time and reflects the modern corporate image.

  The logical framework of the whole system:

The logical framework of the whole system

  DLP projection display technology advantages

  Figures advantage: The all-digital technology used to image gray levels of 256 to 4,096, the color of 2563 - 10243 species, image noise disappear, stable picture quality, precision digital images can be continually reproduction, and Increases with Time.

  Reflex advantage: Reflective DMD chip applications, so that the total optical imaging device efficiency of more than 60 percent, far higher than the transmissive LCD projector, the contrast and brightness are very good uniformity and overcome CRT, LCD projector display middle light, dark around the shortcomings.

  Seamless advantages:The display of high-quality seamless images. The 0.7 inches of DMD chip, each pixel size of 14 mm 2, the interval is 0.8 mm, and general LCD pixel size of 40 mm 2, the same pixel, a DLP projector function LCD projector than the higher quality of seamless images, screen uniformity, color and sharp, it abandoned the traditional sense of convergence, adjustments to facilitate.

  Long life: DLP projector lamp life long, LCD projector does not exist because the working environment of high temperature aging and emerging issues such as LCD panels, and is particularly applicable to large-screen fight wall structure.

  Colors, brightness uniformity: DLP big-screen projection units uniformity of brightness, color uniformity, gray levels, and other technical indicators and the actual display than traditional CRT, LCD is better, particularly applicable to large-screen multi-screen splicing to achieve brightness, color, gray scale uniform display.

  Space-saving: DLP projectors for large-screen projection wall special products, special lenses and optical projection units are designed so that the physical structure of ultra-thin (67 inches projection unit thickness of 795 mm).

    DLP large-screen projection wall display system as a result of the above characteristics of the current command and control sites preferred scheduling the big screen Mosaic wall solutions, large screen projection is the current mosaic wall suppliers Featured products.


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