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DLP projection technology analysis and Prospect

    DLP This initially sponsored by the United States military used in the manufacture of weapons development technology in the last century was the introduction of civilian projection equipment manufacturers. The principle of this technology is not complicated, the difficulty lies in the core components of this technology DMD (Digital Micromirror Digital Micromirror Device) manufacturing process more complicated, this technology-based semiconductor production of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems MEMS system) device companies have only TI, cost higher.

    However, the DLP display technology used projection display equipment manufacturing strengths is its high-efficiency, compact design of the optical path and better image quality. So although DLP projector than CRT, LCD projection technology late in entering the market, but have scored amazing growth. 2004 based on the DLP projector sold more than 2 million units, and the growth momentum has not stopped. It can be foreseen that DLP projection display technology will occupy an important position, and have gradually dominated the market, the map First various technical analysis of the demand for rear projection TV.

RPTV demand

    DLP projection technology

    A projection display technology success depends on display, optical drive circuit design and manufacture. Well, DLP projection display technology in these three areas are dominated or at a disadvantage?

    First, the display panel, it can be said that there is no DLP advantages in cost, in addition to the difficulty of DMD production limit its yield and integration, its packaging, preservation, transportation needs special treatment, the costs can be high imagine. While other display technologies on the low complexity compared to more, the country's early grasp Changhong gun CRT projector manufacturing, and the manufacture of LCD display panels to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are not secret, although LCD display panel than micro - ordinary TFT LCD production technology more difficult, but domestic manufacturers grasp the technology is just around the corner.

DMD display board

    Then DMD panel performance? Speaking from the resolution, it is very difficult to achieve high resolution DMD, mainstream product integration in 500,000 pixels around, and LCD/LCOS relatively easy to achieve high resolution. To meet the requirements of high-definition images show that, using the Smooth Picture TI technology to improve resolution. Precisely speaking, Smooth Picture panel did not upgrade the physical resolution, but to give an image twice, and then through the optical jitter mirror will be installed on the two images together superposition staggered block shown in Figure 3 , like CRT imaging is actually a point high-speed mobile results.

    From a practical effect, the use of Smooth Picture quality is good, but also greatly reduce the cost of production, so the panel from the HD3 after using all this technology, and these panels are nominal resolution of Physics half of, but you can not say that this is cheating, because you can not say that CRT resolution is 1.

Smooth Picture

    From optical modulation method, the DMD is a passive reflective optical system that rely on pixel specular reflectance of light to produce different perspective - the difference between dark, dark-controlled by the length of time to produce different Gray level. Relative transmission modulation methods such panels can produce high-contrast ratio and optical utilization, combined with the digital micromirror faster reaction time, more than 1,000 times per second rotation, the movement does not arise trailer video images, so the DMD imaging quality is higher. From the perspective of cost-effective, DLP and LCD display technology and is higher than other technologies.


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