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The after-sales services of DLP large screen display wall system
    Large-screen mosaic wall display system now widely used in video conferencing systems, simulated military exercises, traffic command systems, water conservancy and hydropower control industries, and is rapidly developing. Major engineering firms also more and more orders from some big-screen mosaic wall vendors understand that the project is now busy However, small projects generally do not then, we can see that business is booming. But more than the engineering, quality assurance is a must, especially After-sales Services be put in place to do meticulous. With the current big-screen sales in the country have increased each day, customers will also face a more serious problem, that is, large-screen display system of after-sales services, which will directly affect the customer's own interests.

The large-screen display system consists of After-sales Services work following:

    Grating adjustments:The current level of the adjustment of Taiwan projector more than 3-axis and 6-axis adjustment Taiwan, the use of a certain amount of time will surely appear in the drift grating, a mechanical adjustments need to re-display screen can guarantee no distortion and avoid the adjacent screen the dislocation.

    Color adjustments:Current use of the large screen projector bulbs are more UHP lamp, used for a period of time after the projector lamp will surely appear in varying degrees of decay, will definitely affect the brightness of the projector, causing large-screen adjoining screen color Uneven and brightness, thus affecting users of the visual effects. This situation through relevant software can projector's color, brightness adjustment, thus effectively guaranteed large-screen display system shows that the effect of consistency.

    The projector lens cleaning:The projector lens projector is an important component parts, from special optical materials, and the surface of the lens with a layer of membrane will be crossing. After prolonged use, the surface of the lens will be in a certain dust, if not its clean, over time, it will affect the life of the lens, but also will have an impact on the display projector.

    Screen clean:The current big-screen mosaic wall screen glass screen and the resin screen two. In use the screen on a regular basis must be cleaned and to ensure that the screen does not show that deformation and not affecting the results.

    The mirror cleaning:Now sales of large-screen rear projection display system for multi-box design, which would greatly reduce the thickness of the big-screen box, but also to customers save installation space and aesthetically pleasing. But this kind of box structural design in its in the box it is necessary to have a reflection angle, the reflective mirror the rate at 98% above requirements, a special products, usually in the surface layer of reflective film on the crossing to meet reflective rate request. But in the use of mirrors in a certain period of time after its surface will gather some dust, if not cleared regularly, there may be eroded surface crossing in the dust above the reflective film, and this affects the large screen display.

    Spare parts replacement:The lamp is the large screen display system must spare parts, lamp life of its own existence, the life expectancy of the average in 6000 hours around.

     Knowledge listed above large-screen display systems to several major after-sale service work. Of course, much more than these, and along with big-screen splicing technology continues to develop, but also will produce new problems, a new After-sales Services derivative work Anyway, we have to consider some more detail, some more comprehensive services to some more patience, timely and periodic inspections to identify problems and solutions.


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