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Technical Data
DLP large screen Double-decked Optics Design Technology

  Digital display wall system box configuration has dustproof, against the mixed light and the level radiation etc. The Double-decked configuration avoid screen inside, the reflector dust has been attaching and the dirt which the static electricity caused. also, it can debar the temperature higher question which conventional radiation vertically technology.

DLP large screen Level Radiation Technology

  The box had level radiation configuration, it can debar the temperature higher question which conventional radiation vertically technology. also, it can prevent the optical path pollution by air dust.
  The conventional vertically radiation is that the cold air enters from under, and the hot air discharges from above. After the hot air will come up later to pass through three and four will appear the screen display system continuous working for several hours, following screen temperature lowest, above highest, will be able to form to the projector, the lamp all has the performance to lose, creates fuzzily above under is bright. Screen color uniform brightness does not send the nature to be able more and more to miss along with time lapse.

EXV Technologys
DLP large screen Automatic white balance Technology

  EXV large screen digital display wall system adopt the automatic white balance technology, it can separately adjust the red greenish blue each kind of primary color and each kind mixes in the color the gain value, effectively compensates between the different boxes' chromatism and brightness difference, and guarantees the display wall system have the balanced color and brightness all along.


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