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DLP Technology

  The DLP technology is an original creational technology which was invented by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Corporation. the main and most important material is optical semiconductor, It provides a professional solution by more digital optical resource display. It is have a high reliability and safety, and all the process run by digital. So the display effect is excellent, now the DLP technology has applied in all kinds of industries include: big screen television, projector and digital camera and so on. as well, this perfect solution is adopted by many electronic companies in all over world. There have been more than seventy-five manufacturers supplied about 500,0000 sets of system since 1996.
  The DLP technology can meet all kinds of display need that demand high quality display effects. The DLP product is functional, and it is only one that can project the largest screen (75 inch high) in smallest projector (lower 2-1bs). So it gives a support to the excellent display effect on the picture’s high fidelity, high resolution and true.

DLP Technology

  DLP is a abbreviate of "digital light processing" means all the process is handled by digital optical, also means this technology must change the other video\sound signals into digital signal, and then translate the digital signal into light project to the screen. The heart of the DLP display product is a chip call DMD, DMD is abbreviate "digital micro mirror device" it compose of hundreds of micro mirror which controlled by electric. The DMD chip is a part of the projector, it was installed on the CMOS semiconductor and with one component which can whirl and adjust the micro mirror direction.
  Introduce in general, the DLP technology is a digital optical processing by digital micro mirrors. The lamp give off the light was projected to integrator, and then the light was divided into three colors: red, green, blue by the color filler, the red light, green light and blue light are projected to the micro mirrors of the DMD chip, according the electric order there lights are reflected to the condensing lens, last were project to the screen.
   The DMD chip was invented by the TEXAS INSTRUMENTS corporation, the corporation is a advanced and big company, it give a reliable technology support for the DMD chip, it exposed a digital time for projector.



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