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DLP TechnologyThe brief introduce of display technology
The brief introduce of display technology

  Every business man dreams of working effective, convenient at office or out. The modern office equipments will give you a support. Now the multimedia technology and digital technology have great developed, and more and more such technology are applied in office equipments. The dream will be come true. The projector is an important part of office equipment, and the projector is developing more automatic, multi functions, diversified. Now we give a brief introduce of the project technology.
  The display system has two types: front project system and back project system. the front project system is used most in usual, it compose of a project engine and a large screen, we can see it in classroom, conference hall and business show. The back project system also has two types by the different technology, first one is simple display system, it has three parts: the screen, reflected mirror and project engine. Turn on the projector, the project engine project the light to the mirror, and the reflected mirror reflect the light to the screen. We can see the picture on the screen; if you want to install a big screen for you limited conference hall or other small place, this system have some trouble in install, because you must make the projector’s focus is fit to the screen inch. So you need more place; then the other system, they are different from the former, the display system consists of many display cells. Every display cell also has three parts, it has a project box which is make by aluminum alloy, a cell screen and the project engine. This project engine‘s focus is short, so This display system will save more place for you.
  Now we give an important introduce for back project system technology. the system technologies have four by technology develops, include CTR technology, LCD technology, DLP technology and LCOS technology. The CRT (cathode ray tube) technology is an old technology which have got most used in the monitor, it has got developed many years, Now it is outdated. But it have the obvious superiors in some fields: the picture’s color is more bright and true, can reduce geometric distortion. At the same time, it have some serious weakness, after used a long time, the brightness and definition of the picture is going down, and the product weight 50 KG and the volume also is too large. The second technology is LCD(liquid crystal display) technology, we can see the product applied LCD technology everywhere in our live. For example pc monitors, television and so on. this product costs fewer materials to produce and the final product is more small, but the important is that it is very cheap and have high quality display effects. also it have some troubles as heat dissipation is not good and the lamp is break down often. The third technology is DLP(digital light processing)technology, it is a new technology which was invented by TEXAS instruments corporation. May be it is an important technology for industrial product. The heart of the product is a chip called DMD. It is compose of hundreds micro mirror which controlled by the electricity. The lamp give off the light get through the condensing lens and the color filler, and then project to the DMD chip, the micro mirrors of the chip will reflect the red, green or blue light to projection lens by order, finally the light will projected to the screen. The DLP product has got really develop and upgrade, it has more superiors then the former. The display effect is excellent and the life of system is longer. But it is expensive to personal, so This product was used as a project in all kinds of industries.
   The last technology is a newest technology in the display industry, but it has few troubles have not resolved still now, so the product is unsteady on performing. There are many companies have researching LCOS technology, include INTEL company, SONY company and JVC company, for some reasons, the intel company have not researched the lcos technology.
   This technology work principle is similar with LCD, the great difference between LCOS and LCD is that the light is projected to the screen by different way. By LCD technology, the light project to the board and penetrate it get to the screen; but by LCOS technology, the light project to the board and was reflected to the screen.
  The LCOS technology has great potential for next few years, so the product of LCOS technology is not used numerously by people today, and many people have not heard this technology. May be we can buy this product in market, but it is expensive. It may be applied in lots of industries and sale cheaper next few years.


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