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DLP Projector color filler And Color Processing Technology

1. DLP color filler Technology Principle.

    As well known, because the DLP uses the DMD micro lens reflection technology, in color processing, monolithic and two piece of DMD are both uses the color filler to complete to the color separation and processing.

    Generally speaking, the color filler is by red, green, blue, white division color light filter combination, may the white light which penetrates carry on a minute color, and causes its rotation through the high speed motor, then the order branches out the different monochromatic light to on the path of rays which assigns, finally synthesizes and projects the entire color movie picture by way of other X-ray machine parts.

DLP color filler

    Looked from the physical structure that, the surface of color filler is a very thin metallic deck, the metallic deck uses the vacuum membrane to plate the technology, coating thickness acts according to red, green, blue tricolor spectrum wave length corresponds, the white colored light through the metal coating strata time, the spectrum wave length color which will correspond penetrates the color filler, other colors are prevented with the absorption, thus will complete the dialogue colored light the separation and filters.

    In monolithic DMD projection system, incoming signal was translated into RGB data, the data write in the SRAM of DMD in turn. The white light photosource gathers through the focusing lens burnt at the color filler, then forms image through a color filler of light in the DMD surface. The red, green, and blue light shoots on the DMD in turn when the color filler revolves. The color filler and the video frequency picture is comes in turn, so, when the red light shoots on the DMD, lens the position and the intensity which should demonstrate according to the red information incline "ON", the green, the blue light and the video signal are also works like that. The man's vision system concentrates with the red, green and blue information, also it can sees an full color picture. Through the projection lens, the picture which forms in the DMD surface was projected on the large screen.

    In two pieces of DMD large screen projected display system, in order to enhance brightness and makes up the metal halogenide the red insufficiency, the color filler uses two auxiliary colors: the pinkish red and the yellow. The pinkish red fragment permit the red and the blue light pass, simultaneously the yellow fragment can permit the red and the green light. However, the three pieces of DMD uses the asunder color prism, does not need the asunder color filler. Now, we discuss some use a monolithic DMD color filler technologys in the DLP projecte cube at present.

2. Frequently Used Kinds of color filler Processing Technology and Characteristic at Present.

    Because the monolithic DMD projector color filler only can process one kind of color in the identical time, therefore can bring the partial brightness the loss. Simultaneously, because the different face colored light spectrum wave length inherent characteristic has the difference, thus can produce the difference which the color returns to original state, the picture color often displays red insufficiently is bright. So, how enable the projector both to have the enough demonstration brightness, simultaneously and can the full guarantee color real return to original state, be an each projector factory in product design essential question, but most important factor, is the color filler of technology design solution.

Below is a commonly used several kinds of technology of DLP color filler at present:

DLP Wheel

  1. Three sections of color filler RGB is made by red, green and blue three sections of colors, the different factory product, its red, green, blue aperture angle design is various. Generally speaking, the red aperture angle is bigger, like this may make up the picture red insufficiency. Uses this color filler of technology the prerequisite is the projector optics machine partially has the quite enough radiance, otherwise possibly can bring the picture brightness question. At the same time, uses three sections of color filler of technology the color reducibility quite to be on the other hand good.
  2. Four sections of color filler RGB is made by red, green, blue and white four sections of colors, adds the white color is for further enhances the projector brightness, generally may compare three sections of colors wheels to enhance about 20%. But simultaneously, this kind of color filler of technology also can bring the projector the color to return to original state the insufficient question, causes the picture chromatic distortion, reduced the picture nature. Moreover, in the design, may pulse signal synchronization locking in W section, the pulse width with W section of widths correspondences, be allowed in the certain degree to reduce the picture the scintillation. This technical main application in the conference room, the teaching uses the projector.
  3. Six sections color filler RGBRGB, Because the DLP projected display technology more and more widespread application is having the giant market potential the family theater projection and the large screen back projection television, therefore, the people manifested to the DLP color with the broadcast continuously dynamic video frequency picture effect set a higher request. Six sections color filler is from RGBRGB total to six sections color filler, Are more along with the color filler of rotational speed corresponding enhancement (180HZ) and the unit time internal processing picture. Therefore, this kind of design effectively reduced the movement image and the edge rainbow effect, video frequency dynamic effect better, the color abundanter, is more gorgeouser. But because six colors sections is more, the collection light beam the time loses also many through the assorted section between, therefore, the projector radiance quite is often low, therefore, also has the minority projector factory to start to design uses 7 sections of colors to turn the RGBRGBW technology, enhances the projector brightness and reduced picture glittering. This technology mainly uses in view of the home use expense and the video frequency requests a higher application.
  4. The accessorial color filler SCRSCR (Sequential Color Recapture) is also called continuously color compensatory technology, its basic principle with above color filler technology to be similar. The differentia is the surface of color filler to use the Archimedes' Principle spiral-shaped optics coating, the collection light beam (light channel) uses the special accessorial technology, may compensate the partial reflected light, enable the system brightness to have a bigger enhancement (approximately 40%). But this color filler of processing technology relative is more complex, at present only has the minority projector factory to use in the product, said from the technological development direction, this technology extremely has the market potential.

DLP Wheel


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