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DLP digital display technology 
The screen technology - DLP large screen digital display technology


  Screen incident light ability. Is certain, in the incident light flux invariable situation in the incident light angle, in screen some direction under brightness and the perfect condition ratio of brightness, is called in this direction the luminance coefficient, is called maximum value the screen the gain. Usually decides as the non- gloss white wall gain 1, if the screen increases is smaller than 1, will weaken the incident light; If the screen increases is bigger than 1, will reflect or refracts more incident lights.

The angle of view

  The screen in the all sides upward reflection is different, is farther in the horizontal direction to the screen center, brightly goes past lowly; When brightness falls to 50% watches the angle, defines for the angle of view. Watches the picture in the angle of view, brightness is satisfying; Watches the picture outside the angle of view, brightness appears insufficiently. Generally speaking screen gain bigger, the angle of view is smaller (Metallic Screen); Gain smaller, the angle of view is bigger (White Plastic Screen), regarding population more situations, may use Bai Sumu to expand the angle of view.

The classification of screen

  By function, the screen is separated the reflection and the transmission two class, the reflection one is used in projection from front, but the transmission one is used in projection from back. The screen who project from front is separated the complanate and the cambered. The complanate one is increases small, angle of view bigger, the environment light must be weaker; But the cambered one is opposite, and its screen reflects the incident light to is different in all quarters. By texture, the screen is separated the vitreous screen, the metallic screen and the brindled plastic screen etc, is general applicable scope.

Large Screen

  Defines by its opposite angle line size. The beam-to-depth ratio which projector use is 4:3, but the project apparatus is 1:1.

Screen size reference table

  The all-purpose units is: inch (measure by )

Screen (Inch)

According the Screen Size (Meter)




50 inch



60 inch



62 inch



67 inch



84 inch



Hard Screen

  Hard Screen is a metallic screen, is coordinating the low brightness projector uses, may enhance the visual effect. The hard screen is high additive, one 700 lumens projector coordinates the hard screen use to be allowed to obtain the 1000 lumens projector on ordinary white soft screen use effect (in brightness target).
   The widespread use DLP large screen digital display wall system is the flinty screen mostly, has many types according to the different manufacture principle. There are some foreign brands are used to choose. The notice: High-Brightness (over 1000 lumens) projector's display effect also is very good when project on ordinary white wall, therefore so long as usually pays attention to the maintenance wall surface to be clean, definitely may not buy the screen, equally may obtain the satisfying projection effect.


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