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The FAQ of PHILIPS UHP product and its application

Q: What is the request of the UHP lamp?
A: In the lamp specification, simultaneously we have prepared about the cooling design instruction document - "UHP lamp cooling/temperature survey application guide". Customer when design must order the survey temperature sample lamp which specially makes to the cooling design to carry on the appraisal and the optimization.

Q: What is the UHP actuates the power source the cooling requirement?
A: In actuates the power source in the specification book, has produced the cooling wind direction and the wind speed request, simultaneously has produced several essential parts temperature requests. Customer when design needs to survey these parts the temperature, in the severest condition like maximum ambient temperature, the smallest lamp voltage, condition and so on biggest under input voltage, these essential parts enough is cooled, is lower than the maximum temperature which produces.

Q: If the lamp cannot lighten, actuates the power source to trigger the high pressure to output whether always exists until switches off the power source.
A: If the lamp cannot lighten, actuates the power source to trigger the high-pressured output only to be able to exist for 1-3 seconds, then own switch off. Only has when the control input request attempts once more the spot turns on a light, actuates the power source only then to be able once more to output triggers the high pressure, each time only can exist for 1-3 seconds.

Q: What is definition of the UHP lamp life?
A: About the definition of the UHP lamp life, one batch of samples lamps light a lamp under the certain condition, when 50% lamp effective luminous efficiency (light beam or aperture luminous flux) are not lower than starting value 50% to light a lamp the time. In the use, the lamp life and so on affects the application condition and the use environment.

Q: If lamp in work time ruptures, whether can damage the actuation power source?
A: General run of things is nothing. The actuation power source belt outputs short-circuits the protection, in case lamps rupture the latter two lead wires to short-circuit, actuate the power source to be able to protect oneself not to be able to damage.

Q: How realizes adjusts the light (STEP-DIM)? Whether needs lightens after the lamp implements again adjusts the light?
A: At present only the part of actuation power source belt to adjust the light function, first please confirm your actuation power source belt this function. The control uses in to adjust the light control the light pair diode to lead passes (3rd needle with 5th needle) to be possible to realize adjusts the light. The specific request please refer the specification. Adjusts the light control then by also to be allowed to lighten in front of lighting a lamp or after the lamp implements.

Q: Regarding a DLP color turn of system, requests the lamp operating current frequency and color turn of synchronization, then general SCI synchronized signal how much time does lighten after the lamp to exert?
A: 100ms at least, generally is 3-5 seconds. The lamp lightens or not obtains by the control connection FLAG output feedback.

Q: What aspect does the UART function advantage manifest in?
A: The UART function advantage mainly manifests in following:
1. Multipolar adjusts the light.
2. Actuates the power source the temperature control, reduces the ventilator noise.
3. A product applies to the different large screen digital display wall system.
4. Breakdown pattern survey.

Q: How uses the UART to come the communication?
A: We prepared about to use the UART communication function the instruction document - "How uses based on the UART's communication function applies the guide". Simultaneously coordinates this document, we have manufactured a computer demonstration installment. Let the customer have a perceptual to the UART communication function understanding.

Q: Under the UART pattern, when actuates the power source to appear the breakdown, after the power source switches off the breakdown information whether preserves?
A: Its can't. When actuates the power source to appear the breakdown, if must the detection failure pattern, the input voltage must maintain is higher than waits for an opportunity the voltage (160V).


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