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The type of projector lamp

  The present use photosource mainly includes: UHP Lamp (Super Energy Lamp), UHE lamp and metal halogen lamp.
    Common UHE usually is PANASONIC and PHILIPS produces; UHP is brand of PHILIPS projector lamp; UMPRD/UMVRD/NSH are USHIO lamp's type; SHP is PHOENIX lamp's type; SHL is GE lamp's type; VIP is OSRAM lamp's type. In the middle of these models, some picks the metal halogenate transformation packing, popular name "metal halogen lamp"; But are more uses the high-pressured mercury packing, calls it "the ultrahigh voltage mercury light lamp".
    The metal halogen bulb gives off heat high, requests high to the projector cooling system, not suitably makes the long time (more than 4 hours) to project the use. The metal halogen lamp produces the warm light, the request compares the high efficiency to be able to produce with the UHP lamp same level luminosity, the service life shorter, with the UHP lamp different is, the metal halogen lamp is bad when displays for gradually extinguishes. The metal halogen lamp merit is the price cheap, the shortcoming half life is short, generally uses about for 1,000 hours brightness to be able to reduce to an original half about UHE lamp is the present mainstream one kind of projector lamp type, its merit is the price is moderate, was using 2,000 hours before brightness nearly not to weaken. Because the power loss is low, in the custom is called the cold photosource lamp, extremely is suitable for the projector aircraft commander time work.
    UHP and UMPRD lamp also is the present one kind of mainstream projector light bulb type, also is the cold photosource type lamp, extremely is suitable for the projector aircraft commander time work. Its merit is the service life is long, generally may normally use above for 2,000 hours, and brightness weakens very slightly. But its price is higher, therefore generally uses in on the upscale projector.

The type of projector lamp


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