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DLP digital display technology 
DLP Technological Superiority


DLP Raw data mirroring technology generation is superior to the accuracy of other large-screen display systems.
This is also used DLP projection display technology shown in the images will remain crystal clear high-level reasons. DLP projection display technology is the core of the lens formed by tens of thousands of digital microscope system, each piece of the distance between the lens less than 1 micron, so that we can achieve a high factor of the air. The maximum narrowing the distance between the projected image pixels can be seamlessly generation of digital pictures, in any size can maintain good sharpness, and no other traces of technology or the pixel "sieve."


Because the lens based on improved efficiency Optical Communication, DLP big-screen projection display systems than all other large-screen display system is more brightness.
Using all other display technologies, the light in the course of transmission will be subject to certain losses, and DLP big-screen display system is the microscope illumination light source can be the larger-volume transmission to the big screen, between the two there is a clear gap . Using DLP technology, home video entertainment products can generate sufficient intoxicated visual enjoyment. Commercial exchange can demonstrate a clear image, and irrespective of whether floodlighting. Large establishments screening, 15000 lumens of brightness to meet requirements of large viewing audience.


DLP The scope of the technical richness of color can be reduced 350 trillion kinds of pigment.
In television and home theater system, and all other display technologies compared to DLP projection display technology gives rich black levels and shadow effects. Screening of the film, DLP Cinema technology can restore 350 trillion kind of pigment, and eight times more than the film.
The merit of DLP projection technology


DLP The core technology is digital microscope devices, optical signals in the modulation rate than all other display devices much faster. This means that the DLP big-screen display system only need a panel, and all other technologies will need three.
As a result, the projection subsystem can be done small, light weight many accordingly, left for innovative design adequate space, product designers can be conceived small size, light weight and more fashionable products.
Thin television occupy the living room space can be saved. The weight of the portable projectors can be designed as two pounds, brightness for viewing the demonstration.


DLP Technology can make projectors, home theater systems and television more stable and reliable performance
DLP display technology digital products characterized by heat and humidity, or vibration from environmental factors such as the impact of images will not be used for long-term equipment and bleaching.
Each use, DLP big-screen projection display system can show the Natural screen without tuners, and safeguarding of rare. Since 1996, has more than 75 manufacturers supply more than 500 million sets of systems, the reliability of DLP display technology has been confirmed by the practice.


In the home, business and entertainment, DLP projection display technology can achieve equally impressive visual standards.
Innovation and flexibility: who needs a complete accuracy.
DLP display technology in the life of the various occasions to meet the screening of visual images. DLP display technology for the family to watch good-quality images. DLP Cinema technology will have a theater screening of the film moving lifelike effect. The projector for presentation can be shown in the images in the living room, or even showing of entertainment PC games for children (if they like it). DLP display technology using the all-digital television and home theater system can be used to a pleasure to watch television programs, large appreciation of the Internet, play games software, watch digital still pictures, and actually bring about a more perfect machine to enjoy.


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