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Back project large screen appropriative reflector

  During the DLP large screen display wall system installation process, frequently can meet the large screen projection space location limited question. Solves this problem, may use the back project the large screen special-purpose reflector system, namely turns back with the reflector the showing light beam time of or two, is insufficient in the projection distance in the space achieved the stipulation the showing distance, guarantees the picture size. The index of reflection is more than 90%, mirror surface smoothness for about 0.02mm, can guarantee projection photosource brightness the loss reduces in the lowest scope.

Installs the maintenance matters needing attention

1. Construction Process
  (1) Maintenance reflector use environment neat, the attention dustproof is moisture-proof.
  (2) Prohibition touches the mirror surface with the hand, when the operation must put on the mouthpiece and the spun yarn soft glove.

2. Maintenance maintenance (dedusting processing).
  (1) Attracts with the hair brush soft vacuum cleaner wipes.
  (2) Brushes off the dust with the soft hair brush.
 (3) May not the water used and other liquid solvents scratches tries the mirror surface.



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