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The configuration of one piece or three pieces of DLP has some characteristics

  For electronics angle, the monolithic DLP structure biggest is different with three piece of DLP structure is three piece of structures needs three DDP control chip respectively is three DMD chip processing data. Usually, in three piece of DLP structure, the video frequency and the graph data is carries on digitized processing through a series of signal processing chip, realizes the proportion zoom, the interlacing, the image enhancement and the noise abatement function. After completes these processing, is red, green, blue data is separately delivered in three DDP control chip to realize the data format transformation, then delivers the DMD chip.
    In the monolithic DLP structure, specially in the commercial projector application, a higher integration rate is very typical. Front end processes the function (automatic locking, proportion zoom, image enhancement and so on) is usually integrated in the chip which highly integrates. This chip output delivers in the DDP processing chip, carries on DLP, specific image enhancement and data format transformation processing.
  Says from optics angle, three piece of DLP structure use focusing optics component and a series of internal reflector prism as well as the colored dispersion of light prism built-up section, guides the white light which the photosource sends out, and through filters the light to produce the red, the green and the blue tertiary color light projects to the DMD chip on. DMD chip reflects the light the colored dispersion of light to be calm, through the reflector prism, then enters the projector the lens to reappear the picture on large screen. The monolithic DLP large screen digital display wall system quite is on the other hand simple. The photosource sends out the white light converges in a color wheel of plane which revolves, through filters the light to produce red, green and blue tertiary color light. Light through in integrated tubular channel resilience transmission, production rate even output. Finally, the light launches on the digital micro mirror chip through the reflector prism. DMD and the color wheel of synchronization demonstration data, all can have the correct color data demonstration like this in a color turn of each colored cycle. Reflects the light delivers the projector through the reflector prism in the lens to demonstrate. The monolithic optics structure may be extremely compact, moreover has the highly effective cost. This is why three pound below commercial projector all is based on a DLP technology important reason.

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