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DCDi (Direction Correlational Deinterlacing) Technology

  DCDi (Direction Correlational Deinterlacing) is American Sage Corporation subsidiary company which is Faroudja Corporation's patent Faroudia video frequency processing technology. The usual standard interlace video signal through when progressive scanning the graphic display device, the image edge can have the distortion, the DCDi technology can eliminate this kind of distortion, smoothly, the more natural obtains video frequency image effect.

  The headquarters are located American California Milpitas Sage Inc. are the numeral demonstrated the processor the main tenderer, can for a series of PC demonstration product and the family expense product, including each kind of network application, the television as well as the flat-panel display and so on, provides the splendid picture quality. Sage Company respective Faroudia Corporation invents and the patent Faroudia technology, is an item has the honor to receive the Emmy big prize video frequency technology.

  The Sage Company uses in the digital television this technological development, the projected display, equipment and so on DVD player, for the populace consumer and PC demonstrated the market provides the family theater the new feeling. Company's integrated chip technology may provide the integration rate very high serrated signal and the system function, moreover with has the same level component cost the low quality processor to compare, can provide the higher picture quality.

  The Sage Company demonstration processor, including the Faroudia digital video frequency processor, already many well-known expenses electronic products merchant is used by the world in, for example Compaq, Fujitsu, NEC, Philips, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Toshiba, InFocus, LG, mitsubishi and so on.



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