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The cleaning up ventilates the filter - a important part about projector maintain

  In order to guarantee the DLP large screen projector the normal work, the fixed time inspection and the maintenance are essential. The cleaning up ventilates the filter is a important work. On the projector cabinet generally all has the slot or the aperture. This is uses in the projector well ventilated design, the air entrance is equipped with the air strainer, when the projector works, uses for to filter the dust and the pollutant, after a use longer time, on the filter, the slot slit can agglomerate the dust, for guaranteed the machine normal operation, must regularly use the vacuum cleaner to attract opening the mouth place, when the machine works, did not must have the object to block the draft fan.
  The cleaning up ventilates the filter to the projector maintenance which uses in to hang decides to be especially important, when project installment as well as afterwards user use, must specially pay attention dustproof.


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