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TI DLP technology status and trends feature interviews

  DLP projection display technology products in 1996 published, as of December 2001, TI's DLP subsystems shipments reached 100 million units. While in the past only 18 months, TI has achieved a million sets of DLP subsystems sales, a growing number of customers using DLP projection display technology, DLP products market has witnessed rapid development. Recently, the famous Chinese IT media, "Computer World" and the "Projection Window" website launched DLP special joint interview on DLP new technology, diversification, flexibility and stability of the company and other issues with TI's DLP business manager of the Asian region Mr. White Couric conducted in-depth communication.
1. Compared to SDR DMD chipset, DDR DMD chipset in screen brightness, contrast, color has a performance enhancing what?
  Compared to SDR DMD chipset, DDR DMD chipset have three major improvements:
  (1) Micromirror tilting angle from 10 degrees to 12 degrees, which makes screen brightness 10% to 20% improvement.
  (2) In micromirror Below, we added a layer of black metal (DM3). This technology greatly reduce the extent of the micromirror array of the upper structure of reflection. Using DDR technology projector has a contrast ratio of more than 2000:1, and the use of SDR technology projector only 800:1.
  (3) Compared to SDR chipset, DDR chip set with higher data reception rate, made greatly improved image quality, especially in the video image on the effect more visible.

2. DDR DMD chipset What is the mechanism of work (compared SDR DMD chipset)? TI chipset, in the future there will be those who progress?
  And all the DMD chipset, DDR and SDR chipset the working principle is the same. Micromirror control through the electrostatic field in the opening and discrete boundary between the state of change. We reduce costs and enhance performance have long-term product planning. We hope to offer our customers more good products, enabling customers to produce more with high brightness, innovative shape, with higher resolution and the choice of additional Internet projector.

3. DMD chips and related chipsets in the package, manufacturing processes, use those new technologies, these technologies for cost control, stability, performance, and so what has brought the contribution? What will future progress?
  By the end of 2003 DLP display technology will be completed from 150mm to 200mm chip production process of conversion, to be almost double the output of each of the chip die while reducing manufacturing costs. Compared to 150 mm technology, 200mm technology, the breakage points lower, so production will be raised. From the point of view of Packaging, we continue to improve and simplify the devices on the Windows application process. At the same time, we continue to improve the process and reduce packaging in the devices.

4. Single-chip DLP structure, three DLP structure in the circuit system (including signal processing, logic control, Noise, etc.), optical system (including color wheel, light source, camera/lens technology, etc.) have their own designs on what characteristics?
  From electronics perspective, monolithic structure with three structure is the biggest difference between three DDP control structure requires three three DMD chips were chips process data. Usually, three structures, video and graphical data through a series of signal processing chips for digital processing, to achieve proportional scaling, de-interlacing, image enhancement and noise suppression. Completion of these processed, the red, green and blue respectively, the data was sent to three DDP control chips for data format conversion, and then sent to the DMD chip.
In the single-chip DLP structure, in particular the business projector applications, a higher degree of integration is very typical. Front-end processing function (automatic lock, ratio scaling, image enhancement, etc.) are often integrated in a highly integrated chip. The chip output to DDP processing chip, DLP specific image enhancement and data format transformation processing.
  From optical perspective, three structures using confocal optical devices and a series of internal reflection prism and the prism of color by a combination of structure, to guide issued by the white light source and a filter through red, green and blue light projected to RGB DMD chip. DMD chip back to the light color by calm reflection, through the prism of reflection, and then into the projector lens reproducibility in the big screen images. Single-chip DLP big-screen projection display system is relatively simple. The white light source convergence to a rotating color wheel plane, a filter through red, green and blue RGB light. In light through integrated tubular channels rebound transmission, a uniform intensity of the output. Finally, the reflection of light through the prism of launch to digital micromirror chip. DMD and color wheel synchronous data show, in color wheel so every color cycle will have the right color data. The reflection of light back through the prism of reflection to the projector lens display. Monolithic optical structure can be very tight, but also cost efficient. This is why three pounds following business projector based on DLP technology are an important reason.

5. DLP structure compared to LCD, LCOS structure has the characteristics of what?
  As mentioned earlier, single-chip DLP optical structure can be very simple, and cost-effective. This makes the display technology based on the DLP projector is not only affordable, it also is sleek appearance. In addition, because the DMD chip response time is very short, these highly efficient single-chip DLP structure can be used in almost all the meetings and home entertainment applications.
   Other display technologies such as liquid crystal on the PSi or not LCOS technology with rapid response time, it is not possible to use as a single-chip DLP technology in the structure. Therefore, they usually use three structures. Although some manufacturers that veneer LCOS structure can be realized. These three board structure clearly need more optical devices, lenses, filters and micromirror to guide the light source to LCD board, and must use three panels and data formatting electronic. These additional optical devices and electronic devices to increase the system's size, weight and cost. In addition, three LC board must polymerization together. Such polymerization in the transport and use of the projector during thermal cycle difficult to maintain, with the result that with the passage of time, the polymerization three LC board will be a problem, and this affects picture quality.
   Based on the LCD projection display system through the modulation of light polarization to create images. In these projectors, the polarization of optical purity will encounter many problems, including heat, and wavelength sensitivity cone angle, high contrast ratio is very difficult. Based on DLP projector technology is not sensitive to the polarization effect.

6. Single/3 DLP structure of the current and future will introduce those new technologies, these technologies have to upgrade the quality of what? Based on these two structures projector products in the application of the characteristics of what has emerged as a result of what kind of situation?
  At present, DLP display technology based on the large-screen display system with the following key features:
  ,DM3 technology can make a contrast ratio up to 2000:1 above.
  ,Compared to the previous generation of DMD chips, a new generation of DDR DMD chip data processing even faster. The chip technology based on the projector prices more affordable, more Jiaming quality sharp, clear.
  ,DDP deal with the new chip along with the high-level of functional integration and advanced image enhancement features, which can make based on the DLP projector technology with excellent quality.
  ,There are many improvements because there is no publicly available, so we are here not an exhaustive list. However, these technologies will reduce system on the basis of cost, bring about better contrast, higher resolution, higher brightness, higher integration.

  Please visit the following website, and three acquire Monolithic System Photo:

7. How to look at LCD, LCOS technology progress? Compared with these two techniques, how DLP technology has the advantage? In what areas should be further enhanced? Plans to adopt ways and means of technology?

   We believe that the DLP is a superior technology because:
  1) DLP technology with excellent image reliability. (DMD chip testing shows that stability can work more than 100,000 hours.) Also, test also indicates that with the passage of time, the LCD technology used in organic substances resulting image quality dropped. DLP display technology using inorganic materials, such problems will not arise.

   2) DLP technology has excellent contrast ratio. (Partly based on the DLP projector technology for the contrast of 3,000:1, and the technology-based LCD projector contrast to 800:1).

   3) DLP technology can display more elite image. This is not only because the higher the contrast factor, but also because the single-panel system shows the image is done automatically gathered, unlike the three panels with the panel's structure will lead to imbalance calibration images can show elite image.

   4) DLP technology to provide high quality video performance. DLP technology components in the switching time for the microsecond level, and the switching time for the LCD millisecond level. This makes DLP can better reproducibility with dynamic images. Reproducibility in a fast-moving images, LCD technology Smearing common phenomenon and ghosting in DLP technology will not see.

   5) Compared to traditional LCD technology, the images show DLP technology also very smooth, but more similar to the film results. This is due to the pixel gap between the very small and therefore feel that the resolution will be higher than the actual resolution. As LCD technology gap between the very components, resulting images will have a very significant effect of the pixels, thus causing the screen door effect (similar to the adoption of a screen door to watch the images).

   6) DLP technology for a more simple optical structure, and this has led to the adoption of the technology end products with the smallest size and the lightest weight.

   7) And based on the DLP projector technology than the technology-based LCOS projector cost will be very expensive, produce more noise, the need for higher power projection lamp (very expensive), resulting in poor contrast and is very bad uniformity. Moreover, compared with LCOS technology, DLP technology has proven more manufacturability.

  8) Reduce costs, improve performance will be our future, sustainable development goals.

8) 0.55 inches of the DMD chip products will be mainly used in rear projection?
  No, now mainly used for front projector market products, but has also been used in rear-projection products. For television sets, the same very effective. Currently 0.55 pairs Kok devices resolution is SVGA (800 x 600).

9) TI's DLP technology on the development prospects of the projector market forecasts?
  We will continue to provide excellent products market, our customers produce better image quality projection products. DLP display technology is a broad prospects of development of new technology, many analysts believe that the DLP market share to continue to grow, especially to the future projection equipment will be smaller and lighter development.

10) TI projector market in China's development strategy?
   We believe that our products meet and exceed the needs of customers in China. We hope that more and more Chinese manufacturers to use our DLP technology, and products of excellent quality to produce the final product. At the same time we hope that digital cinema technology brought us TV and DLP projector customers, and allow more Chinese customers understand DLP Cinema technology has brought to people's incomparable digital experience.


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