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Large Screen Splicing Wall System Retrospect and Prospect Trades

   2004 large screen splicing wall system area following characteristics:
  1. Overall strength of the competition, 2001. After numerous successful projects and market the test, the DLP big-screen projection display technology "digital, high-definition, uniformity, and color reduction and good" advantages to occupy a "mosaic wall figures show that the area of" big market share. Projection Display unit's performance capability is getting stronger, and the results get better and better. Meanwhile, the matching image processing system, management and application software functions, as well as personalized user application integrated with the whole system of higher demand. With modules, image processing, system management software, a full set of intellectual property brands, in various application areas for providing the overall solution, there will be a lot of technological superiority.
  2. Super multi-year project with the development of technology applications in the telecommunications, subway, electricity, in areas such as public security traffic police control room scheduling, multi-type signal, the focus of multiple networks showed demand more and more. Therefore, the request must meet splicing display system shows large area (Mosaic Composite), the image processing speed and real-time network shows such as window more complex requirements. The successful experience of large projects, as the majority of users design system size and choice of the basis for the brand, this is 2004 large projects and more reasons. Such as: Shenzhen Metro OCC projects, such as Guangdong Telecom New Network Management.
  3. Product diversification year DLP display technology with the development and wide application of the many well-known brands have at a certain scale of conventional Cube-splicing display unit production capacity. To break the market to meet the needs of individual users, they must introduce competitiveness in the market diversified products. In 2004 Shanghai IS China, the brand launched numerous large-screen box thin, soft-splicing systems, the DLP big-screen display system splicing Application pioneering a new way of thinking.
  4. Introduced a new generation of the most reflective LCD (LCOS) projection integrated rear-projection unit.

  2005 will vigorously promote new technology and new products:

  Large-screen mosaic wall direction of development of the industry would be "technical innovation, product leader," and constantly innovative technology and constantly introduce new products is 2005 big-screen wall development of the industry fight the fundamental point.
  In addition, three LCOS display large-screen rear projection box integration technology will also be used by the overwhelming majority of users. For a listing of new products and technologies do exist both opportunities and difficulties of contradictions. A better image definition, and even better image quality will certainly attract the attention of customers and adapt to the corresponding user's requirements. However, the relatively high prices, product market is not the same opponent, are difficulties in it. In fact, some high-end users, particularly telecommunications, electricity network management, data center, and so on the banks of occasions, the need for high-quality, high-resolution map-based data files show. The LCOS technology, it is a very good application stage.
  Stitching in the large-screen display wall image processor, will continue its series of complete, powerful development direction of the system structure, image processing algorithms, card technology and so on is a rather big breakthrough, and better meet the needs of different industries Application . Management software, the functional design will be more in line with a personalized user application needs to break through generic products in personalized service constraints, and to achieve the greatest degree of a user's system compatibility, user-friendly operating system in future expansion corresponding Stitching display system can be simple and smooth expansion.

  Many new products and new technologies will be with the 2005 Shanghai IS China launched the holding:

  Early in the new year, has launched a more personalized solutions for the various trades, HDRUI technology, ultra-large-scale distribution of the images from the latest control technology solutions (the original technology in the latest update).
  Ultra-high performance and low cost of economic DLP big-screen display system, the thickness of the small ultra-thin big-screen display system box, use TI's new technology SXGA+ DLP big-screen projection display splicing unit will expand the new application areas.

  In addition, relative to DLP and LCD technology, LCOS rear projection box stitching the main selling point is the following:

  Higher resolution, the original resolution LCOS reach 1400x1050, the same display area, the amount of information will increase 30 percent or more higher opening rate, open rate of 93 percent, image pixel has been absolutely no sense; higher the brightness, brightness, the 50-inch 1000 cd/m2; Contrast ratio 2000:1; standard of Double-Lamp switched systems, Double-Lamp automatic switching, automatic detection. Lights switching time of less than 0.5 s. A 100 W UHP (not used 120 W light, descending power). The life of each lamp really reach 8,000 hours, using Double-Lamp cycle mode operation is more conducive to extend lamp life. Long life-ray machines-ray machines to 100,000 hours, and other life.

  Surveillance video conference will be a 2005 projection and big-screen wall splicing the main applications:

  Stitching large-screen rear projection display system is still primarily an image projects. Users are building and economic development is closely linked. Big-screen display system does not necessarily have a direct economic benefit, and it is often a city or a business related to the image. Through large-screen display system, more information can be displayed on the big screen at the same time, the leaders and decision-makers through the large-screen display, discuss and make timely decisions related to the treatment. Their effectiveness is often indirectly generated.
  In the meantime, large-scale mosaic wall using large-screen display system mainly in the sectors of telecommunications, electricity, banking data centers, public security, traffic police, highway monitoring system, the government information centers, and large enterprise video conferencing systems, power generation control and so on the field.
   In fact, as a large-screen display systems, it is not subject to the field of trade restrictions, all walks of life, all levels of government, and so can be applied mainly because if there are appropriate to the strength of the building. Therefore, in addition to the above mentioned application of a number of departments and other fields, as long as there is a demand, are worthy of our attention.

  2005 rear-projection big screen mosaic wall and marketing strategy should strengthen the sense of service, improve service connotations:

  In the new year, sales or strategy will focus on strengthening the sense of service, improve service content, do a good job every big-screen project implementation of the project to ensure that customers will be provided with a satisfactory, we should be proud of image projects.
  The engineering company, to long-term commitment to this industry, the adherence to quality services, to ensure that long-term use of customer satisfaction level, the company will be a test. Integrated products will be constantly changing, constantly improve. Their internal organs and the company's services is to ensure access to excellent brand products agents, assured customers use assurances. The system is also coming to a more integrated, more modern direction. We must also have good service, the service is not only reflected in the first-stage construction, but throughout the early stage design of a project, interim construction, the latter part of the long-term maintenance and services.

  In 2005 China's large-screen rear projection and mosaic walls application market will be the "supremacy of struggle":

   In 2004 a number of single-machine production (before the vote) by adding the well-known international brands and large-screen rear projection mosaic wall areas, I believe that in 2005 a similar manufacturers will be more. In the "supremacy of wrangling," the environment, if we want to as "Emperor" must have long service the China market awareness. In the Chinese market have accumulated years of experience and the project can be realized localization services, the competitive advantage is the brand.
  Large-screen digital display field wall mosaic system with single rear projection (front) of different areas, its brand in the industry in order to capture the market, there must be displayed modules, image processing, software integrated various aspects of R & D capacity, in order to China a "large-scale" and to achieve customer satisfaction "localization" services for international brands, to set up factories in mainland China is the correct strategy. Industry application market demand increasing, but the 2005 projection area of the wall and fight the competition will be the same as other IT industry emerged as a result of the intensified competition situation.
  2005 rear-projection big screen mosaic wall and the area of product price war will continue, with the exception of China local brands continue to price competition, the international brands to enter the Chinese market will also have adopted low-cost strategy. But the low-cost strategy may not be able to win users, users consider more of the performance and price between the best ratio. How to make the best of users than increases, I believe on this point is the brand 05 big fuss of.
  2005 rear-projection big screen mosaic wall and the area of product price war will continue, with the exception of China local brands continue to price competition, the international brands to enter the Chinese market will also have adopted low-cost strategy. But the low-cost strategy may not be able to win users, users consider more of the performance and price between the best ratio. How to make the best of users than increases, I believe on this point is the brand 05 big fuss of. The emergence of high-resolution SXGA+ and mature technology, in 2005 the high-end resolution will be applied more and more homogenization of the mainstream controller products, Mosaic board, video stack, RGB input, functional software, a single function such as Industrial Computer , and industry suppliers to function basically the same products; further improve the industrial chain, professional DLP engine manufacturers to join, a specialized accessory manufacturers that DLP big screen display system so that the industry chain began moving toward perfection; support the 24 hour work 1400X1050 LCOS large-screen display system will occur; high brightness DLP big-screen display system demand growth, higher brightness of the scene of the environment, the existing professional mosaic wall brightness is far from satisfying. Brightness deficiencies affect splicing wall application market areas. Using high-powered bulbs, the brightness will solve the problem, but may also result in DLP engine life, for the ability to work, the life of the lamp problem. Brightness is the contradiction between life and DLP engine manufacturers and lamp manufacturers in 2005 need to be addressed urgently; economic DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system also needs to grow, shopping malls, hotels, Exhibition Gallery, First Floor Hall, and other large-screen video display DLP System Requirements more and more, economic DLP big-screen display wall display market will become a pressing demand. 2005 big-screen multi-screen splicing processor will also continue in the "powerful, display speed, flexible application window" direction.
  Practice shows that the super-massive large screen display systems to achieve flexible application (Application users are free to define regional distribution), the real-time display (including video, RGB, network signal), dozens of different types of windows simultaneously, in its true sense centralized information on the show, the image processor on the system requirements are very high.
  Currently, large-screen display wall controller splicing formation of the international products and domestic products coexist state. However, the domestic production of large-splicing main controller card use abroad, the domestic assembly mainframe shows that the largest output for the 24 Road, stitching and multi-screen control software is no internationally Mosaic software products improve.
  International brand large-splicing controller, Jupiter is still primarily American companies, whether it is revealed that output, CPU performance, PCI bus bandwidth, and so on, or software control, and related software compatibility, Jupiter large-screen multi-screen splicing Controllers are unique feature.
  Normally, in the large-screen display wall splicing relatively large (usually greater than 15 surface above), using the big screen international brands Stitching controller, can ensure a reliable large screen display controller and the Mosaic software control stability. Stitching the big screen is not much wall box number, using relatively inexpensive price of domestic brands splicing controller or can.
  However, we should note that the current large-screen multi-screen splicing controller, the number of many of the screen, the screen showed real-time map of the entire geographic information rate or unsatisfactory, and this is large-splicing Controller R & D manufacturers before it an issue. High-resolution is an effective solution, fast speed of the corresponding real-time display of a problem. These should be those which have large-screen large-splicing research and development controller manufacturers more concerned about. The estimated nearly one year of progress will not be very big.
  Application projector's built-in amplification function, the user has been increasingly popular. This solution can effectively improve overall system reliability, but also shows that the clarity and speed of image display corresponding to better and faster. System is also more reasonable.
  The projector can be used built-in amplification function and peripheral equipment (such as switches, matrix, etc.) connected to screen for the realization of the large-screen flat display splicing. At present, this function will be used for large-screen multi-screen display controller splicing display and the emergency backup mixed display applications. In some special occasions (not shown request and arbitrary network roaming, zooming display requirements), can be used directly, eliminating the expensive cost of large-splicing controller.


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