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The advantages and disadvantages of multi-format Matrix Analysis and Implementation

    At the same chassis deal with a variety of physical signal format multi-format matrix, become very popular in recent. Early this concept looks very attractive, and in some applications, the chassis is better than every format that uses a traditional method in it. But the actual situation is not always the case. In this paper, which involves the inspection of certain issues in order to help customers address their specific application, analysis of its relative value.

1.What is a multi-format matrix?

    Traditional radio matrix system includes a number of integrated systems to run on the matrix switching Taiwan. Each signal format is not only a matrix system level or grade, and usually is a physical separation of chassis. Under certain circumstances the matrix of all possible resettlement together, and sometimes may be located in different parts of the facilities (Figure 1 shows).


    This approach has great flexibility, but also means that sometimes these chassis has not been effectively used, especially in the chassis switching Series fewer circumstances.

    Another less switching level against cross-point matrix for the commonly used method is to use a matrix format divided into the same number of logic signals independent level. This approach usually applied to three analog component, or a video simulation of a box of two Y/C video matrix (figure 2 below). 

    Sectional matrix existing problems, the cross-utilization of the low points. Figure 2 shows the Y/C matrix, 50% of the Crosspoint never be used. Another problem is that it requires switching the same format for all levels. But recent developments have changed the situation. With the development of cross-point matrix increasingly depends on the I/O cost, rather than depend on Crosspoint costs. In addition, the same chassis used in a variety of mixed signal format has become quite feasible. This matrix support the development of multi-format, which is essentially a matrix sub-matrix, different set of different formats can Chuan signal.

    Multi-format matrix goal is, as much as possible will be incorporated into all levels of the same equipment.
    Formats may include analog and digital, and in some cases the SD and HD video and audio, data signals and the time code signal. Multi-format matrix most common specifications 128 input x 128 output, but some manufacturers also where you can buy more or less compliant products.

2.Multi-format matrix benefits

    A multi-format matrix there are several obvious advantages, especially in a chassis that meets the current needs of the future be able to satisfy the expected expansion of this simple case, the benefits become more obvious. But in the more typical circumstances, it may be necessary to make some compromise choice, we need to demand a careful analysis, to determine the best choice of equipment.

(1) Scalability/capacity expansion

    With additional space for Plug module, in order to increase capacity in future, it is very useful. Multi-format design allows us to expand the existing series, add new levels and/or a signal format used another alternative format.

(2) To simplify the installation process

    Because many of its units have reduced the number of internal technical staff, new equipment installation as easy as possible is very important. A single-chassis forms of multi-format matrix for the rapid and simple installation provides a possibility.

(3) Less chassis/power supply, etc.

    As more than one format matrix can often be replaced by a number of different formats with the matrix, so the use of multi-format chassis can reduce the number of components, and can save procurement and maintenance costs, and rack space.

(4) Combined with the level of multiple formats

    Some systems can be analog input to digital output strobe or digital input strobe to analog output, thereby improving system flexibility, and reduce the link between the demand for external converters. In addition, many HD matrix also will be able to handle the same level of SD, and other bit-rate signal, so that we could be more flexible in the use of digital video matrix class.

(5) Reducing the demand for the control board

    In most cases, each chassis requires a matrix of its own internal controller, a single chassis system can reduce the number of controllers needed, thus saving costs.

    In actual system, some of these advantages may be greatly restricted, there will be many compromises must be considered. Many systems require the use of more than one matrix chassis, the need to include all multi-format matrix, mixed use multi-format and single-format matrix, or all single format matrices, and other configuration options program were compared. Each set of requirements are unique, making meticulous planning in advance, at the same time reasonably anticipated future needs can be substantial savings for the future of time and money.

3.Less chassis/power supply, etc.

   (1) The number of chassis and rack space
    This implied advantage is a prerequisite for "as long as a single chassis is enough." Many cases require the use of more than one chassis, and so it is necessary for different system configurations in rack space required by the total, increased by the use of an 8 U of multi-format chassis is smaller, cheaper. On the other hand, larger chassis can provide greater expansion capacity.

   (2) Live audio and video

    For those who can really packed in a box in the system, there may be some equipment that is a problem, will need all the cables, particularly video and audio cable, concentrated in the same position. This is not always a good thing. Audio Matrix system and other audio equipment in the same place, video matrix systems and other video equipment in the same place, using control cable connecting the various chassis this practice in the fixed and mobile devices very common. To retain this flexibility is worth considering, especially in the expansion of the future is likely to require the use of more than one means that the chassis circumstances.

4.Combined with the level of multiple formats


    (1) Audio

     Most of the existing multi-format matrices are internal to AES in the form of digital signal choice for all audio routing, according to the needs of external lines of analog input and output conversion. This capability is extremely useful. Because most facilities, and even those who mainly uses digital facilities, still have a certain number of analog audio equipment. This conversion technology using the latest methods in acoustic audio processing is transparent. The only disadvantage is that, and for the independence and digital mock-layer routing choice of the method, the cost has increased. Although this feature is very valuable, but it should be pointed out here that it is not multi-format matrix for that matter, for many high-end audio matrix has also used this method.

     (2) Video

    At first glance, the same conditions should also apply to video, it is indeed some matrix can do that. But the actual situation is much more complex, but many cases do not apply.
    Despite the need for some equipment in the analog and digital video that two-way routing option, but this situation as much in common than audio. Unless the use of extremely expensive converters, or decoding process and the coding process is likely to produce distortion. Consider this problem, the first step is to clearly define, analog input and analog output What is the usefulness.

     Matrix input on the A/D can be used for the existing analog signal input to digital devices. In such applications, the quality of conversion and decoding is extremely important because the signal can be inserted into high-quality component in the digital material. High-quality converters can be bought, but the price is not cheap. The size and cost constraints mean that the front-end used in the matrix so many of the converters, some compromise must be made. If most of the analog input will be used at the same time, this may be the best option. On the other hand, if only a few analog source signals occasionally been used once or twice, then only a small quantity of high quality external converters and their connection with the analog matrix and line management system integrated together. Probably more meaningful.

     The analog output is the common demand by them to monitor feeds signals, and this demand is a few can use low-grade - mode converters to meet the demand. In many cases, this may still is meaningless. Monitors installed in the low-cost "bricks" - type D/A converter and installation of surveillance in the vicinity of the wall is the same low-cost converter chassis, are very common, especially in the mobile news vehicle, the more often see. Overall, this is a ratio of this capacity will be installed in the internal matrix more flexible, lower cost options. Another way is to use all kinds of surveillance more picture devices, which are mostly used SDI signal rather than analog signals. Quartz Xenon in the matrix, even through the matrix to insert a series of Signal Processing Technology (signal processing techniques) modules to add more than one picture devices, ability to move into this matrix internal.

    Analog output can feed into existing production equipment, some vendors introduced a high quality built-in matrix D/A converter. In some of this equipment may cause serious problems. Many engineers will take it for granted that, from the regular analog output matrix system can be used in this way, but the vast majority of this type of equipment is no color timing simulation output. Generally speaking, these signals with H and V regularly, but also has random vice carrier phase, because no vice carrier matrix equipment baseline signal. This led to a serious deterioration of image quality.

     (3) HD/SD Glass

   Many have in HD matrix for a variety of low-bit-rate signal choice routing capabilities. Although you can not be HD input strobe output to SD or SD input strobe to the HD output, but this capability is still enable us to more flexible use of the matrix. In many cases, HD input and output capacity than SD expensive, even if only a few HD signal source, with all the financial capacity HD SDI may or may not have any significance.
    Here, we should seriously consider the main thing is to check the HD input signal transmission SD balanced input capacity. Existing HD input is similar to the SD chip ASIC performance, the typical situation is using 250 meters of cable, but some matrix using the previous generation of chips, which restrict the importation of SD signal cable length is less than 100 meters As for HD signal also used the same length.

5.Reducing the demand for board control card

(1) Single-chassis system

    With multi-format single-chassis system to replace several single-format chassis may bring control savings. Under normal circumstances, each matrix chassis needs to have its own controller modules, a chassis it means that only need a controller (some cases is a redundant controller). What is worth noting is, the reality does not necessarily always the case. Apart from the many Matrix chassis controller, also need to use one external system controller, so even in the single-chassis system, may also need two controllers. Quartz most of the control system can be directly connected to the disk controller on the chassis, single-chassis-Quartz systems, such as Xenon system, a controller only.

(2) Multi-chassis system 

     Generally speaking, in the multi-chassis systems, each box needs to have its own controller module (in most cases also requires a system controller). This is the company's multi-format Quartz Xenon Matrix has its advantages, namely, expansion chassis does not need to have its own control panel. In considering the matrix system, it is noteworthy that Matrix chassis controller can connect directly to the control panel and various other devices and whether they must use a system controller. It is also important to verify whether the expansion chassis needs to have its own chassis control panel.

Concluding Remarks

    Multi-format suitable facilities in the matrix may be an excellent choice, but it is important to study all aspects of system requirements. Sometimes, in one or more single-level, in a small format matrix may be more effective. Quartz companies can help you analyze your needs, and make one or more methods based on such options.


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