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Not because of your "bad habit" damage to the projector lamp

        The projector lamp is an important consumables, it not only is more expensive, and using them is also very "戎賑", with a slight could be damaged, or even an explosion, which in the critical security people or things around. And if we peacetime use of the projector unreasonable, or operating some "rude", then the projector lamp life will be greatly reduced; This is not, the operation of the projector below Several of the "bad habit" of the projector lamp, absolute can be "lethal."

  1. The projector lens cover obscured by light

  The use of the projector for teaching, halfway there may be a period of time less than the projector, if in this period of time so that the projector lamp has been on so, the students too much for the eyes may, after all, long facing high brightness projector the screen, it is easy to damage the eyesight of the students. To keep a strong impact on students projection ray vision, many teachers think they are smart to use the projector lens cover to block the light, they often do not use the projector at the time, the direct use of the lens cap cover the projector lens until needed again projection demonstration, then the lens cover from the projector's lens removed. Little did they know that this readily use the projector lens cover obscured the light, often the life of the projector will bring great harm, it can lead to serious explosion took place in the projector lamp, it is because the work in the projector lamp will have time high heat, which is part of the heat from the camera distributed by the Department, once the projector lens cover, then the heat lamp will not be able to timely dissemination out, once gathered to a certain degree heat and lead to explosion of a lamp.

  Under normal circumstances, in the process of projection demonstration, if temporary and less than the projector, you can consider the use of standby switching functions, so that the projector temporarily in standby mode, it can effectively reduce the projector on power consumption, to effectively extend the life of the projector lamp, better protect the eyesight of students, thereby enhancing the efficiency of school.

  2. Live free mobile projector

  Here, the "Live free mobile projector," in fact, refers to the projector connected to the power supply situation, randomly change the location projector. As charged in the state of the projector, the projector bulb will produce a lot of heat, these high-temperature heat from the projector lamp will be the filament in a semi-molten state; in this semi-molten state, the projection lamp slightly shocked by the point, there the risk of explosion. Therefore, arbitrarily charged mobile projector, the projector lamp is lead off at any time one of the important causes. Therefore, we will need to adjust the projector location, we have to cut off the projector's power to ensure that no projection lamp in a working state, only after arbitrarily moving the projector.

  3. Readily unplug the power outlet

  At the end of the projection after the demonstration, many people in a hurry to leave the venue, often directly to the projector power cables from the power outlet even by the pull, which led to a projection lamp and projector fans at the same time stop the work, so I Projection lamp to work long hours after the large number of calories, not through the cooling fans from the internal dissemination of the projector out, so the projector lamp and projector internal electrical performance-related components will be serious decline, it can lead to serious explosion took place in the lamp .

  To the extent possible, avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, we should be in operation after the end of the projector demonstration, to close the projector control panel in the soft-switching to the projector lamp to stop working, and let the projector fan to continue working for some time, until the projector dissemination of internal heat after the projector will automatically stop rotating fan, this time to shut down the projector "hard" power switch, the power supply to ensure that the projector has a fan disconnected state, finally can unplug from the power outlet on the projector Power signal cables. Also need to be reminded that attention is not on the projector in a short time for frequent opening of the closure operation, because that is the case projection lamp will constantly be affected current or voltage shock attacks, it will lead to serious occurred burning lamp fault.

  4. Connecting to take a chance on Projection

  Generally, the projector connected to the power supply has stringent requirements, we must use the power cable with random, and the projector to be connected to the computer with a power outlet, we must ensure reliable power outlets to earth. But in reality, the process of projection, many people Fig easy, savvy, not primitive power cable on the use of ordinary cable to replace, not three sockets used to replace two socket, power outlets will be no grounding on the use Contrary to feel connected to the projector such luck, projector bulbs are often unable to work for stability, it can seriously damage the projector lamp. In order to ensure that the projector lamp life will not be affected, in the projector connect, the first to use the projector with random power cable, the cable to ensure to the projector to provide a stable power input; Second, we must use three sockets, socket and ensure reliable grounding to prevent electrostatic damage or potential difference the work of the projector lamp circuit; third try to maximize the projector and connect to the computer with a power outlet, so can effectively avoid operational power cable plug sparks occurring phenomenon.

  5. Let projection lamp to work

  Under normal circumstances, each projector bulbs have certain period of use, but most of the period used for 2,000 hours - 4000 hours, more than once a time limit for use of the case, the projector lamp will be unable to continue their work. If we do not pay attention to the projector lamp usually learn to "rest", the lamp likely become ill because of overwork phenomenon, but performance will be greatly affected and may eventually use less than 2,000 hours - 4000 hour lamp has been scrapped. To enable a smooth projector bulb through its period of use, or to extend it as far as possible the use of the period, we must control every good work of the projector lamp, as it about four hours each work on the "rest" one.

  6. Mix different types of light bulbs

  Different models of projectors, projector bulbs its use has stringent requirements, if arbitrarily replace other types of light bulbs, not only being able to give full play to their projector bulbs should be performance, but also easy to damage the lamp, it can be serious an explosion led to the projector lamp accident. So, when our own refitted for the projector lamp, it is best to look for should projector's operating manual, which is confirmed to be suitable models of the bulb projector, followed in the selection of the designated areas in the installation of the projector lamp , and should never use the projector projection lamp strictly prohibited, so easily lead to a disastrous fire or explosion incidents. Also need to remind you that, in their own hands when the replacement of the projector lamp, the lamp must be completely cooled, and so can be replaced after the operation, otherwise it will most prone to burn accidents; and in the replacement of the projector lamp, the lamp can not directly touched by hand surface, because the lamp the surface has a special protective layer, if direct exposure to the hands layer of protection, protective layer recovery will be an injury, this will affect the performance of the projector lamp has.


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