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Only seven-step design of a sound signal switching program

    Objectives: to adopt the following steps to meet the design requirements of your best signal switching programs.

1. You need to determine the type switching signal.

    The switch may signal types: composite video signal, Y/C video, RGB signal, RGBS and RGBHV computer video signal, mono audio signals, stereo audio signal, multi-component audio signal (any surround sound signals), digital video signal, digital audio signals, and so on. many applications/installation occasions often required to facilitate the switch to a variety of signal types. necessary, modular signal switching equipment can only use a very good signal system is designed to meet your easy switching signal requirements , without the need for switching converter with a video and audio signals, and then by another switches to transform RGB or other signals. at the same time, you can also local conditions, the signal switching systems installed in the same place, or uses a number of chassis the distribution system in several places. now that many of the switches chassis can be in the form of interconnection to network together, so can be used if necessary Distributed matrix configuration program to achieve more convenient applications. process and the program design the first step is assessing you want to install the equipment types, and the switching signal types presents a list.

    Attention switches can not be converted signal types, so if there are many types of signals, these signals must be able to be switched into the same purpose equipment signal (for example, portfolio video signal and Y/C video signal source need to be switched into purpose a combination of equipment video signal), it requires different control signal interface. course, the purpose of the equipment itself has many different types of multi-input connector, we will be able to use these connectors.

2. Determine if your video bandwidth.

    If you accordance with the signal steps 1 presents a list of RGB, RGBS, and/or RGBHV video signal, then you need to determine your applications to the best of bandwidth options. That you can accurately match the specific requirements and to the cost minimization.

3. The need of converting each type of a signal input and output volume.

    The third step program design is confirmed by communications equipment, the most effective way to reduce the input/output switching volume, thus reducing costs. Process through the use of observation in every possible situation computing equipment needed input/output quantity, this can reduce your designated switches scale.
    From Step 1 in the list of signals and wrote a list of every type of a signal to the switches needed input/output volume. For example, you need six hi-fi VCR ports (each with its own stereo audio source) , two CD players, eight monitors, as well as four stereo audio for expansion, in which case you can create a sub-forms such as this:

    Signal types                  Input               Output
    Portfolio video signal        6                   8
    Stereo audio signal          8                   4

    Audio input to the number of input - including the VCR and CD player input Taken together. You can confirm (at least in Step 4 before) you need a composite of 6 x 8 component video plus an 8 x 4 stereo audio system.

    If you still need to use the VCR as a record of terminals, then you can form such as this presents.

    Signal types         Input                 Output
    Mix video                    6                    14
    Stereo audio             8                    10

    Noting here for each signal type, in order to return to the recording VCR input, an increase of six output so that any signal source VCR or any CD audio signal can be recorded in the composite VCR or a VCR on.

4. Determine the necessary built-in system scalability - the plan for the future needs of the greatest number of input and output?

    In many cases AV installation project, a need to be taken into account is often what is the possibility of future expansion .. sometimes known future needs without expansion, but most of the time to consider the future of the expansion is necessary and in time. Please note: referring to the future expansion of the current demand is not over by the need to buy more input or output. this only used to guide you to select the modules you need to expand the appropriate products.

    Please evaluate each type of a signal for the future expansion needs, and they added to the table as follows.

    Signal types         Input        Output      Import expansion        Output expansion
    Mix video                 6                 8                         8                                    8
    Stereo audio           8                4                          2                                   0

5. Application programs need to determine the type of interface control.

    The need for fixed guidelines switches control (even if not required, we recommend that you install a partial X/Y Control Panel as a standby control, but if you already have an external control equipment it does not need.) The need for an external control equipment? many application programs need to control signal switching equipment, including many of equipment, such as source and target equipment itself equipment, HVAC systems, curtains and cameras, projectors and so on.

6. Determine whether your application programs have other specific requirements.

    Signal switching products several species of special options to meet your specific applications. For example, in your application program if the use of audio source equipment output level is not balanced, then you need audio input gain control. When you At the same time the use of household appliances mixed with the professional or industrial grade electrical appliances, such things often happen. input gain control input to switch to balance the various sources of the equipment level, which would aim to ensure that the output device is the output level consistent.

    For video, in some applications in order to prevent the transmission of signals from one source to other rolling and flashing generated, it is important signal in the frame of the open space. To this end, some vendors provide a specialized options, such as AutoPatch companies to provide frame synchronization circuit board space, which enables video switching and house-sync synchronization, and house-sync is your frame synchronization circuit board space provided a special input. Of course, you must be a synchronization signal source equipment, in order to get completely smooth delivery.

    Standby power supply is necessary? In many products, in the chassis, each has been providing backup power supply option.

    Once you have identified the need for these options, wrote it on the list, then the implementation of Step 7.

7. Use the above information to determine the optimal configuration of the product.

    You trusted with the manufacturers determine the most suitable for you contact the requirements of system products.


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