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The projector can be caused by wrong operation of the lamp burst

    Projector prices Compared with the past, is a lot cheaper, but mainly as a projector lamp supplies projection still do not have much drop, the price too high so that we should properly care for the existing lamp, it is particularly to eliminate some of the mistakes of this operation can be avoided, because if they do not pay attention to it you can allow a one-time projection lamp scrapped.

    At present, most of the projector are using metal halogen lamp bubbles (Metal Halide), in the open state, at both ends of the lamp voltage maintained at 60-80 V about, the air pressure within each bulb square centimeters greater than 10 kg, the temperature is as high as Thousands of degrees, melting filament in a semi-state. Therefore, the state is prohibited in the boot or under the shock move projector, or lamp may burst.

    After another stop using not immediately cut off power supply, we have to wait after the completion of automatic thermal shutdown. Thermal projector in a state of short-term power outages and damage caused by repeated boot is the projector one of the most common cause of the malfunction. On the contrary, for a short period of time to reduce the number of switches also extend the useful life of the lamp.

    To prevent erroneous operation or bad habits lead to the projector lamp failure, in the following areas require attention:

1. The projector or just put out of work when it is not appropriate for severe vibration

      The projector or just put out of work when it is not appropriate for severe vibration, or brittle untried itself is a very high temperature tungsten filament easily broken, would hinder the lamp explosion.

2. External cooling is also important to good

      Because high pressure lamp is activated at work will have a high temperature. Lamp work 15 minutes later, the glass surface temperature will reach 1200°C around. Therefore, when used must maintain ventilation, do not use cloth or other materials cover the fuselage in particular cooling vents.

3. The projector if the work of the sudden blackout should immediately cut off the power supply

      If not cut off the power supply, a short time suddenly calls, the second high-pressure work lamp, the lamp is very likely burst. The projector lamp glass cooling is slow, coupled with internal deeply hidden projector, the temperature dropped to normal levels at least half an hour more.

4. Be sure must following the steps to cut out

      Most of the projector market with real-time idling machine functions can not be used immediately after the removal of power lines, first turn off the projector through buttons, and so the fans continue to operate inside. Then if the direct removal of power lines, fans will immediately stop rotation, will be unable to heat lamp, the lamp and the possibility of high explosive.

      Used up, by switching out the machines, fans will continue to turn a few minutes, the projector cooling to a safe temperature. Then the projector can not boot protection, if forcibly boot, the lamp will have secondary hypertension, with no previous startup Thermal completed, the possibility of blasting on the lamp high.


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