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The projector bulb of the three major causes of damage

    Now production projector lamp manufacturers mainly PHILIPS, OSRAM, PANASONIC, USHIO and IWASAKI, PHILIPS, OSRAM and PANASONIC have exchanges and DC lamp, and only USHIO production and IWASAKI DC lamp. The projector lamp is the core components of the projector, is the life of the lamp manufacturers and users of the topics of greatest concern.

    The damage to the projector lamp has three major reasons: First, the projector is now growing power of the lamp, making lamp life became shorter, followed by some specific products determined by the other is non-normal use, including use in accordance with the manual, no heat shutdown, frequent switching, etc..

    Speaking for the life of the lamp, the lamp life than high-power low-power lamp life expectancy is shorter, which is the greater use of the lamp power of the shorter life expectancy, and now users on the brightness of the projector ever high demands, This requires high-power lamp, the lamp is made shorter life expectancy than the previous reasons.
    Specific decided by the first material, followed by the process, and finally the equipment. Speaking from the materials, the lamp surface temperature should be 900 degrees, but now the lamp surface temperature is 1,005 degrees, can be said to have been used by manufacturers limit, so in the use of misconduct will result in slightly damaged.

    From projector irregular use perspective, the impact of this is a major cause of the service life of the lamp. In some schools in the use of the projector to do the investigation, record actual work situation, the projector non-normal shutdown a very high proportion of cases, most of which were direct electricity or heat on full power, this the life span of the lamp have a very great impact. There is no net heat of the lamp timely liquidation, making light bulb temperature too high, not temperature more better, but came out air volume and air volume hit a certain proportion of the lamp reach a certain temperature, or too high low temperatures will cause damage to the lamp, the light bulb to heat the network timely clearance, and not just cleaning filters. The other is the frequent switching machine, the former general said no when closed, energy conservation, but after the determination of the technical staff, frequent switching opportunities to reduce the life of the projector, 200 w lamp projector is the most used 3-5 hours excellent, if not then consider the question of the use of electricity less than three hours because it will make it open.

    Now the crux of the matter is that we can not tell every projector lamp specific reasons for the damage, once the bulbs in the 24th document provides repair kits for the half year period it can only be damaged factories or dealers paternity pay. This plant has a lot of deep production experience, a lot of the damage is due to the lamp non-users of damage caused by normal use, but still have to return free of charge to users, manufacturers and distributors to create a lot of pressure . On the 24th document XIE Jing Sheng excitedly made three points: First, the proposed abolition of six months warranty time limit, we can not say that users in six months time how casually used to give him a bad-second he thought the lamp should counted as consumables rather than core devices; Third, the reference to foreign projector lamp on the warranty policy, they have adopted is 180 hours or three months, which is more scientific some.


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