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Video Conference Room lighting design and the basic requirement of light
   Video conferencing rooms for the lighting design was satisfied with the visual effects is a very crucial factor. Well-designed video conference room in addition to the participation of staff can provide a comfortable environment to meet, but also to achieve a better presence and enhance the effectiveness of video conferencing. Video conferencing with ordinary session different, because the use of camera equipment, conference rooms, lighting, color, background, and so the quality of the video image is very big impact. Camera is a professional knowledge, in the proposed conference room decoration, please knowledge of a professional camera decoration company in the design and fabrication.

    This article will briefly talk about video conference room when the lighting design of principle requirements:

    1. Conference Room lighting design and lighting requirements


    Lights illumination video conference room is a basic conditions necessary for the meeting because television time is random, so cold indoor artificial light source to avoid natural light. You need to use the conference room doors and windows dark curtains shielding. The human visual light source without adverse effects. Choose trichromatic lights (color temperature 3000-3500 K) more appropriate. Illumination requirements provides as follows:

    A) In order to ensure correct color images from cameras and balance requirements irradiation alone in the face of participants uniform, illumination should not be less than 500 lux. Monitors, near the projection television for 50-80 lux illumination should avoid direct light.

    B) Lighting direction than the intensity of light is more important for the lighting installation diffusion lens, can fully diffuse illumination, so that the participants face a uniform illumination.

    2.Installation location requirements:

    Trichromatic general lights installed in the conference room ceiling, it is necessary to install in the ceiling L-type framework, lamp installed on the corner of L-type framework, so that the lights do not directly irradiated objects and participants, and relying on the reflection light on the ceiling, scattering illuminate conference room.

    In addition to the above two points, in order to achieve better results, needed attention:

    A) Avoid direct sunlight to object, background and the camera, this will lead to dazzling strong comparison.

    B) Light weak recommended auxiliary lights, but to avoid direct.

    C) The use of auxiliary lights, the proposed use of solar-type lighting. Ban on the use of lantern, avoid the use of stroboscopic light source.

    D) Avoid or from the window to the top of the roof light, the light from side exposure to direct such exposure will lead directly to the shadow.

    E) Recommend the use of indirect light source or from the formation of a relatively soft wall reflection of the light.

    2. The layout of the conference room lights and lighting effects

    Layout principles: guarantee camera effects in order to achieve the purpose of reproduction clear images.

    Distribution requirements:

    1.To prevent color camera on the characters "wins light" and "reflective" effect,the wall should be a separate design, the best use of uniform Jianyanse usually used beige or gray, it is not appropriate to use frame, in stark contrast to the ban on the use of confusion color Camera lens aperture to facilitate the provision.

    2.The other three rooms of walls, floors, ceilings, etc. shall be with the wall color matching, it is wrong that black or bright color saturation color, usually adopts a light blue, light gray, and so on. Every wall is not suitable for complex designs with complex linked to the frame or so mobile or zoom cameras have a fuzzy image when the phenomenon while increasing coding overhead. It is advisable to install tinted windows sealed or glass, can be linked thick curtain cloth to prevent direct sunlight equipment.

    3.Camera lens should not be at the gate, if the gate as a background, the camera lens will allow staff access to the exposure light source behind the camera objective.

    4.The table: The table layout used ROW better. At the same time, to reduce facial shadow, conference table or desktop proposed light-colored tablecloths.

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