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Seamless splicing technology and the development of principles outlined
    Stitching the current big-screen display technology developed rapidly and big-screen mosaic wall display system application more widely. With single-projector sale profits ever lower, many dealers have begun to consider taking the path of integration. Taking into account many new projects just to the end of big-screen splicing systems engineering, network projector will also be times to introduce a number of big-screen splicing of knowledge, the paper mainly on the big screen seamless splicing technology.
    First, we must understand that the big-screen splicing is a general concept, big screen there are mainly two splicing, is a traditional big-screen display wall unable to access technology, the other is the use of edge Fusion Technology seamless stitching big screen technology. Large screen display wall unable to access a number of rear-projection technology used mainly mosaic wall ways, such as large-screen rear projection CRT display wall, big-screen rear-projection LCD display walls, large-screen rear projection DLP mosaic wall and the large-screen PDP plasma display wall, such large-splicing technology is currently the smallest gap splicing can do 0.5 mm, because the gap is very small, so we all call it "seamless" Mosaic, but the actual gap is really not the seamless integration is seamless use of image show seamless splicing technology.
    With the large screen display technology and control technology integration and the continuous development of the high-end large-screen display systems engineering field, through a multi-screen splicing from the big screen showed images have been widely used, has brought about large screen, multi - screen display and clear, vivid display makes Monitoring, Security, the meeting, simulation, and other areas substantially improve work efficiency, while promoting the skills of these industries rapid progress.

    In recent years, as the development of hardware and software technology, big-screen seamless splicing technology into a very mature stage, and has been widely used in command and control, virtual simulation training, industrial manufacturing design, scientific research, and complex decision-making process, display the exhibition, visual entertainment, advertising and other fields increasingly widespread application.

    Large screen seamless splicing technology is a special, higher demand projection display applications, multi-screen images can be combined and seamless stitching reduction to the minimum extent that completely coincidence Multi-screen splicing technology. Large screen seamless splicing technology requires not only the integrity of ultra-sharp screen on a large projection screen size used by the projection also have special requirements.

    Currently, through the built-in high-end seamless splicing technology projector or through an external processor can achieve seamless stitching super-sharp pictures of seamless integration. The built-in high-end seamless splicing technology projector mainly Christie Christie Matrix S +2 K, Christie highlighted projector DS +60, BARCO RLM G5 "performers" projector, the 3-D perception Visual SX25 + projector, Panasonic PT-DW7000E, etc. (more about Stitching applied to the high-end large-screen projector recommend professional); External seamless stitching processors mainly Norway 3 D perception fusion generation controller, Christie (Christie) edge fusion processor Imager, VISTA SPYDER 342 soft-splicing controller, Weijinghang FreeMedia multi-channel digital media player, etc. (more about Stitching on the verge of achieving seamless integration Processor).

    Large screen seamless splicing technology development experienced pure hardware Fusion Technology, pure software integration technology and hardware and software integration technology three stages.

    Pure hardware integration technology is the shading through optical image processing to integration, software integration technology is purely through electronic line image processing to complete the integration, hardware and software integration technology is the integration of shading that both optical processing, electronic fusion has handled.

    As hardware integration can better handle the integration of image and balance, and software integration can better deal with the images white balance, a combination of both hardware and software integration technology will be able to achieve perfect integration comparison of the true color image reproduction.

    Results from the large-splicing, seamless splicing technology, also went through three stages of development: Hard-Edge Mosaic, overlap Mosaic and soft edge fusion Mosaic.

    Stitching obviously hard-edged division (namely, physical slot), the integration could not be realized panoramic display; overlap stitching refers to two projectors cast in the mosaic image superimposed manner punishable by overlapping, but this is obviously Stitching there is a mosaic, because there were superimposed brightness - regional ills affecting the realization of a seamless effect.

    Soft-edge fusion splicing through the integration of technology with both sides to achieve a complete integration, and eliminates the duplication caused by overly bright splicing region, and soft edge fusion splicing adapt to the planar, cylindrical, spherical shape of the surface such as stitching with more extensive applicability. Soft-fusion splicing technology is now mainstream technology, but also the future direction of development.

    Soft-fusion splicing system is a complex mosaic of multi-screen systems engineering, usually form a complete set of soft-fusion splicing system requires the following equipment.
    1. Screen: screen to the audience the most intuitive visual impact, choose the screen is essential. First ensure seamless whole screen, we can ensure that the perfect screen display. American View Gault (Stewart) is the large screen and seamless fusion splicing soft-active advocates, the Australian Lung and domestic - such as metal screen is not bad.
    2. Projector: projector's picture quality direct impact on the large screen display is also very important and does not allow for perfunctory. As far as possible, using 3 - DMD projector technology to ensure good color reductive. High-end 3 - LCD projector can also use, but in the adjustment of color consistency above, compared spend a lot of time.
     3. Soft-fusion splicing Processor: processor soft edge fusion splicing major decisions large screen showed the content and speed of processor is good or bad, for the processing speed of the signal source, screen clarity, the quality of the soft edge integration, both have a the role should not be underestimated.
     4. Signal processing equipment: signal processing equipment including signal source types of conversion, signal switching, signal amplification and transmission, etc., for the big screen screen display is very important.
     5. Centralized control equipment: large-screen display system splicing wall in a wide range of equipment, the number of projectors, the number of matrix, the number of signal source than more centrally control equipment can better help you choose fast signal processing and switching, convenient and efficient operation of process control equipment, to rapidly improve efficiency and accuracy.
     6. Peripherals: peripheral equipment including signal source desktop access system, cable, connectors, the chassis, power supply parts, and so on.


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