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On the engineering norms in DLP big-screen project and the role of main points
    With DLP big-screen display system technologies, products and continuously improve the stability of the overall system of continuously reduce costs, a growing number of users, particularly industry users will DLP big-screen display system as the preferred display system equipment. The works reflect the surface, we find that the DLP works of this year marked increase in many previous years. Moreover, with DLP technology users to the constant deepening of understanding, will the performance and engineering products to higher quality requirements.

    DLP big-screen mosaic wall works are systems integration projects, a compact construction period, involving more characteristics of peripheral equipment, and many maintenance needs in unconventional working hours within. A complete big-screen project, in addition to including big-screen system itself, but also have to relate to the computer (hardware and software system), network, image monitoring, integrated wiring, and other knowledge; addition, the engineering staff of color sensitivity, the Fine work attitude and sense of responsibility have high demands in addition to engineering staff understand the whole system large-splicing process of the operation of the project, timely communication with the relevant departments, in different stages of a project completed corresponding positive contents of the work, and to come to a smooth The purpose of the completion and acceptance. Project leaders must not only be proficient engineering technology, but also have strong project management and operational capacity.

    General DLP big-screen display systems engineering project can be divided into: project planning, pre-survey, the implementation of the project, the latter part of the project in four phases. Any phase of the lack of preparation or lack of detail, may lead to even higher cost of the project will affect the acceptance, sometimes because no preliminary work completed in accordance with the requirements to safeguard the future brings much inconvenience. Consequently, the norms on, it is particularly important. It can enable us to reduce the randomness in engineering and increase the effectiveness of their work and purpose, in order to enhance system stability, improve project quality.

    In DLP big-screen display systems engineering, preliminary survey and the implementation of the project are two important stages, the quality of their work will directly affect the progress of the projects and works acceptance. Below that were two stages of the standard elements.

    1. DLP big-screen display systems engineering preliminary investigation points

    DLP big-screen display systems engineering for the project leader, in addition to heading the construction field, and customer communication, the project's overall construction planning is very important. Preliminary exploration of which is whether the detailed project cycle to a large extent determines the cost, the ultimate effect. Based on previous work experience, a complete project, in early exploration needs attention to the following points:

1.Outside the framework of open and close -

    Within the framework of the size of openings along the formula: x width W = A listed +25 x 2 height H = B x trip a few +25 x 2x have considered screen board, aluminum edge of the screw head and the thickness.

    Framework requirements: framework should first consider a strong selection of materials and overall stability, materials can be mood + aluminum-plastic plate plywood forms, but also in the picture as the steel structure below welding +-assembled form (recommended).

    Taking into account the installation and maintenance of the facilities, the framework must be detachable pack-packs edge. Within the framework of the fight along the wall from the edge (from top to bottom about four side) for each side about 25 mm gap, large fight out of the wall should be in accordance with appropriate increase cushion.

    Considering the size of maintenance access door to the entry of big-screen box, maintenance access principle is less than 1.2 meters wide. Detachable side of the screen to suppress suitable Edge 3-5 mm in the box and the screen fully installed place, and then fixed edge of the detachable.

2.Base size

3.Ambient light

    DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system requirements within four meters in front of the screen for dark areas, it would be better not to install fluorescent tubes, install the lamp, arranged parallel to the screen must have a separate control switch. Exposure to light can not directly on the screen. The entire hall lights on the screen direction parallel to the control group and not use stronger light source, lighting layout principles are: to the work area have adequate lighting intensity, but also on screen will not have a significant impact. Launched into the vicinity of the screen may light (such as window), should have the necessary shielding. Maintenance Channel no specific requirements for lighting, but in the best equipment running lights turned off.

4.Air conditioning

    Maintenance Channel must install air conditioning (or outlets), the location of its outlets should try to stay away from the projector wall (1 m or so good), and not a tuyere wind blowing directly into box, not to screen hot and cold uniform damage. In front of the screen (on the ceiling), air conditioning outlets, screen distance of not less than 1.5 m.


    Installation of equipment to the formation of ground requirements, if it is resurfacing tiles tiles on the ground to confirm whether the material below bear the weight of big-screen. If it is anti-static floor, to a fixed base in the anti-static on the ground floor can not be installed in the electrostatic floor.


    The best use of the UPS power supply, and confirmed with the customer demand for large-screen display system power supply capacity. DLP big-screen display system in a single projection display modules rated power of 200 W, splicing controller 1 KW, Matrix 1 KW, audio test system size, but generally not more than 2 KW. The whole DLP big-screen splicing system to double the capacity reserved, generally require the use of flame retardant cable wire.


    DLP peripheral equipment to identify large-way between the wiring or wiring embedded lines of the groove and the location identified.

    When power lines and wiring signal line separately, to avoid signal interference and customers have identified personnel in charge of the project pipeline channel available, including power, signal, network and confirm whether the channel to meet actual demand.

    According DLP big screen specifications, Cabinet position, signal source location, calculated for various cable length, the number of signal joint names.

8.Admission conditions

    DLP big-screen display system equipment is sophisticated equipment, installation admitted to the following conditions are met, we must note at the scene to customers decoration basically ended, no dust; scene from 25°C temperature if too many air-conditioning can be opened; electricity needed to be opened;

2. DLP big-screen display system project implementation phase points

1.DLP big-screen splicing cable length calculation system equipment table

2.Several lines of production

3.System installation debugging

    Installation of large screen display systems engineering standards physical slot requirements uniform formation, large-slot width should at least put a piece of paper,wide to the contract, whichever is requested; Cross slot should no obvious dislocation, hand-to-be no tilt, the level of control that the entire large-screen display system installation conditions, before and after hours, and about three from top to bottom, respectively lead hammer, cable and water pipes to measure. There are no specific standards, engineering experience to not more than 2 mm suitable If framework has been completed and the frame size is not the rules, then confirmed with the users favor large screen display system, whichever is the base level to the ground who need fixed.

4.Color Adjustment

    Adjust the standard color of the unit color red, green, blue and brightness of the same unit 100% of the brightness of the same unit 50% or 30% brightness basically the same line of other gray-scale color basically the same.


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