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 POSITION: Home >> About >> News >> Chendu a military area 84" SXGA+ digital display wall system
84" SXGA+ digital display wall system who is high resolution and high-brightness
has been used in Chendu a military area
Time: 2007-05-11

  A unit of the Chengdu Military Region in the DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system tender, as technology exhibition with partners using 1400 x1050 high-resolution large-screen mosaic wall display system program come to the fore, were the judges for the first comprehensive assessment to smooth the successful bidder .

  A unit of the Chengdu Military Region DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system project by the 1 * 4 4 high-resolution 1400 * 1050 high-definition DLP big-screen projection display unit, comprising a total of two sets. The item selected four 0.95-inch professional projection engine components for the core components of the large-screen high-definition DLP projection display modules, and large-screen configuration SMV Multi-screen controller splicing system, central control system, sound system and control PCs, and other related equipment group 10%.

  Stitching EXV high-resolution large-screen projection display module series is specifically targeted at the ultra-high resolution display requirements of the design of products. Using modular system design, optical-conditioning technology will be the latest signal processing, image processing, digital color control, digital signal processing technology, mechanical systems design, patented screen technology, large-professional seamless integration of splicing technology. Wall DLP fight the current system is the trend in the overall development of large-screen (80-inch/84-inch/100 inch) high-resolution, high brightness, as well as the development of the modular structure of modern design and installation process, makes large-screen display system is unparalleled the image quality and display characteristics, leading to the international market.

  EXV high-resolution large-screen projection display modules using TI's latest series SXGA+ chip, physical resolution of 1400 x1050. Large-screen projection display modules using the latest generation of digital light processing digital design, access to the industry-leading performance and unprecedented display of high-brightness, high-contrast, high-definition. In the reductive color, image uniformity of the area represent the world's highest level.


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