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EXV had been selected by Shenzhen telecommunication engine room monitoring project

Time: 2007-06-27
  Southern China the largest and highest grade single data center - Shenzhen Telecom IDC data center room known as "enterprise information assets at the center banks." China Telecom diamonds in accordance with the construction of five-star standard IDC data center for Internet companies, multinational corporations, financial institutions and government agencies to provide state-level high-quality service.
  This item from the department in charge of the building of Guangdong Telecom tender the whole of society, through rigorous evaluation, in-depth inspection of the manufacturers, experts Rating: EXV best product quality that the best effect. EXV with a leading technology, high-quality service at one stroke of winning the championship.
  EXV tender high-resolution (1400 x 1050), high-brightness (Double-Lamp) large-screen display system as a branch in Shenzhen Telecom IDC terminal control room display equipment, as the entire data center in the construction of key projects.

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