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 POSITION: Home >> About >> News >> EXV had been already produced 1400x1050 LCOS display wall system

EXV had been already produced 1400x1050 LCOS display wall system

Time: 2004-09-16

  The six-month exhibition, as the technology LCOS big screen splicing technology research and development, will be unique LCOS technology, optical, mechanical, screen zoom technology with a number of the latest technology integration, considering large-screen display wall industry in brightness, consistency, continuous the characteristics of the work in September 2004 launch SXGA + ultra-high-resolution three LCOS two big-screen mosaic wall products, standards-based and thin. Standard have NEX50SX + (50 "), NEX60SX + (60"), NEX67SX + (67 "), NEX72SX + (72"), NEX84SX + (84 ") series products. Thin: TEX50SX + (50"), TEX60SX + (60 ") , TEX67SX + (67 "), TEX72SX + (72"), TEX84SX + (84 "), and other products.
   Give full consideration to large-screen high-resolution mosaic display wall industries, high brightness, consistency, continuous work and other factors, science and technology exhibition, as the new product has the following characteristics: a SXGA + (1400 * 1050) physical resolution in support of 1600x1200 signal; image more delicate soft; higher brightness; using Philips 100 W lamp, the lamp life of 10,000 hours or more of brightness, color correction of digital technology guarantee big-screen splicing modules consistency; can Continuous monitoring for long-term work.
  EXV LCOS big screen Mosaic wall series is the most advanced three engines, electronic software, machinery, and optical many international advanced technology perfect fusion of crystallization, a leading level.


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