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 POSITION: Home >> About >> News >> EXV was boosted the Jinping dam who is the world first high dam to stop flow successfully
EXV was boosted the Jinping dam who is
the world first high dam to stop flow successfully
Time: 2006-12-29

  At 10:10 on December 4, the Yalong River in Sichuan closure Jinping Hydropower Station successfully completed. Shenzhen Exhibition technology as a conference room for the construction of large-screen display system DLP assisted closure ceremony efficient, smooth, successful conclusion.

  Sichuan Jinping power station at the lower reaches of the Yalong River cascade development is the leading power station, installed 3.6 million kilowatts, hyperbolic arch dam high 305 meters, is currently the world's first high dam construction. Jinping Hydropower Station superior to various economic indicators, construction static investment 19.681 billion yuan, the plan expected to 9 years and three months, works on the November 12, 2005 formally began, the plan in October 2012 first generating unit, 2014 completed. The main task of the development project is generating, it is the joint operation of the Ertan Hydropower Station total of more than 150 billion cubic meters of water storage capacity, compensation benefits can be extended to the Yangtze River and the lower reaches of Gezhouba Jinsha River, the Three Gorges power station, at the same time has an important sediment trapping, flood storage, alleviating the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River Flood Control burden.

Sichuan Jinping plant DLP big-screen wall display system splicing scenes Figure Project
Sichuan Jinping plant DLP big-screen wall display system splicing scenes Figure Project

  This commitment EXV Jinping site at the venue DLP big-screen mosaic wall display systems engineering building. The DLP big-screen splicing system from 4 * 2 total of eight 67 "ultra-thin DLP big screen before the safeguard projection display modules, using the most advanced current industry professional projection engine VS-XLW50CH as the core components of the ultra-thin former maintenance DLP Projection Display module is the first Double-Lamp thin domestic maintenance before the DLP big-screen mosaic wall systems engineering projects to make up for the domestic technical gaps. SMV big screen and configure Multi-screen controller splicing system, central control system , and other related equipment components.

  The DLP big-screen display system using a thin positive safeguarding projection unit, double-lamp replacement device projection unit and other industries advanced EXV DLP projection display technology.

  Using EXV DLP big-screen projection display technology Double-Lamp replaced with rapid installation projector bulb replacement unit function, brightness optimization function, intelligent lighting replacement function.

  EXV DLP big-screen display wall box set has two brightness mode, users can choose the best flexibility in the brightness patterns to adapt to the actual box running unfortunate and applications. In bright mode, the user will be greater brightness, but it will shorten lamp life; in the normal mode, the user will be the general brightness, but could be extended lamp life.

  EXV DLP big-screen projection units maintaining positive ultrathin EXV exhibition is the latest technology introduced as DMVision V series of large-screen rear projection DLP projection unit, is a thin positive safeguard the large screen projection display unit, which not only excellent performance, powerful, and easy to operate, greatly save space.

  DMVision V series of DLP big-screen projection display modules, with DMVision V Series DLP big-screen mosaic walls of the various features of all, a more positive simple maintenance, such as the latest space-saving design, the compact unit more refined, especially for compact room .

  EXV DLP big-screen thin-Box unit is advanced optical, electronic, mechanical, materials and other projector technology, which integrates a number of DLP big-screen television display the main component of the exhibition is large-screen technology as stitching a number of television wall high-tech Perfect Combination.

  The works installed and tested in the course of activities to ensure the smooth closure ceremony, I dutifully Secretary engineering staff, working overtime, the whole project from the scene DLP system wiring to large-splicing acceptance finished debugging, fully embodies the exhibition as science and technology companies large-splicing systems engineering technical strength. After running the system, large-screen display system DLP overall consistency of brightness and color consistency at the national level have reached a level.


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