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EXV had signed the China bigest display system in tourism who
is the Yunnan Shilin DLP digital display wall system

Time: 2006-05-15

  In May, the company sales and successes in Yunnan Stone Forest Scenic Authority "digital" scenic spots construction projects DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system tender, as technology exhibition come to the fore, as the first comprehensive assessment to smooth the successful contractor "China's tourism industry first screen" DLP big-screen splicing project.
    The Yunnan Stone Forest Scenic Authority "digital" DLP scenic spots construction projects, including large-screen display system "number one in the world wonders" - Yunnan Stone Forest World karst geological park visitor reception center 3 * 5 DLP big-screen display system and Yunnan Stone Forest Scenic Area Museum 2 * 3 DLP big-screen display system, comprising a total of two sets, the selection of 21 units of this item professional projection engine components for the core components of the DLP big-screen projection display modules, and large-screen configuration SMV Multi-screen controller splicing system, the Central control system, sound system, AV and VGA matrix switches, signal distributor and control of PC components and other related equipment. The first truly national figure of the scenic area. In this project, outreach, as technology, as always, actively participate in the bidding group leaders and experts before fully display of the exhibition as a powerful industry and technology products and technological strength, and ultimately be an expert evaluation group unanimously approved, was identified based on the successful unit. The works are expected this year by the end of July to complete.


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