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EXV whole product line is from SVGA to SXGA+

Time: 2004-11-26

  DLP big-screen mosaic wall is now big-screen splicing industry application largest display system, is the industry's mainstream products.
  EXV DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system widely used in public security, electric power, telecommunications, water conservancy, and other government departments. Beijing works across all parts of the country / Shenyang / Shanghai / Nanjing / Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Chengdu / Chongqing / Kunming / Wuhan / Changsha / Xi'an.

   DLP technology advantages:
  1. Digital signal processing advantages can display high-resolution RGB signals.
  2. Good stability, to 7 x 24 hours for uninterrupted work.
  3. Image brightness, color consistency good.
   4, Using TI's global patent DMD chip, life for 100,000 hours.

   EXV for the industry professional users, providing a large wall screen Mosaic series of accessory products mainstream products XGA 50 "large screen display modules, XGA 60" large screen display modules, XGA 67 "large screen displays product line; addition to the above products in accordance with customer needs can be, Custom SXGA 50 "large screen display modules, SXGA 60" large screen display modules, SXGA 67 "large screen display modules, SXGA 84" large screen display modules, SXGA+ 72 "large screen display modules, SXGA+ 84" large screen display modules, SVGA 42 "large screen display modules, SVGA 46" large screen display modules, SVGA 50 "large screen display modules, SVGA 55" large-screen displays, SVGA 60 "large-screen displays, and other products. Each family breakdown as the standard type, thin.


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