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 POSITION: Home >> About >> News >> ZTE has adopted EXV's DLP digital display system solution
ZTE has adopted EXV's DLP digital display system solution
--- EXV help the ZTE build global call center project
Time: 2007-01-23

  ZTE Corporation is China's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturing fields listed companies, is implementing a global call center works to satisfy ZTE Corporation business development needs, achieve Call Center Management automation and improve the global integration services ZTE system, ZTE's global call center uses the EXV company's DLP big-screen mosaic wall products.

  ZTE Corporation of the factory workshop, case work site inspection, integrated construction capacity, after-sales service, and ultimately selected by the show as a call center technology as large-screen display system partners, and signed the relevant agreement.

ZTE DLP big-screen display system Stitching
ZTE DLP big-screen display system Stitching

  The DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system by 2 * 10 60 "DLP big-screen display system, LED electronic display systems and PDP plasma display system consists of three parts. DLP big-screen projection display systems use 20 Shenzhen Exhibition, as companies 60 DLP-inch large-screen display modules splicing and allocation SMV big-screen multi-screen splicing system controller, VGA matrix system, AV video matrix system and centralized control system, and related equipment components. international most advanced high-definition digital Projection Display technology, big-screen seamless splicing technology, large-screen multi-screen image processing technology, the video signal switching technology, computer network technology applications such as integrated as one.

1. DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system components
  DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system mainly by the following components:
  (1) EXV DMVision R60U DLP projection display cube
  (2) SMV splicing large screen multi-screen controller
  (3) SMV large-screen multi-screen splicing systems management software
  (4) Video matrix system
  (5) RGB matrix system
  (6) Large screen display wall base
  (7) Large screen display systems engineering necessary support cables

2. DLP big-screen display system specifications Stitching
  According to system requirements, Choice of 60-inch DLP big-screen rear-projection big screen as a box of stitching unit, Together with the SMV splicing large screen multi-screen controller and matrix switches, 2 x 10 ways to form a DLP mosaic wall.

3. DLP big-screen display system features
  3.1 System availability
  EXV DMVision R60U DLP big-screen projection units SMV box modules and large-screen multi-screen controller for the main components splicing of large-screen display system, the achievement of network workstations and non-network computer RGB video signal input signal and various display modes . Through the Chinese version control software, achieving the big-screen display system and the full-screen image mosaic, single-screen display, image scaling and image can be achieved network applications and multi-channel signal of non-network computer showed mixed signals.
  3.2 Advanced System
  Consider the system's advanced nature and ensuring system uses advanced technology and mature products. In the field of large-screen display, from the analog circuit-driven show that the application of digital technology is a qualitative leap from the DLP projector to the big screen control system are all digital, the world today marks the latest display and processing technology. Digital is the entire system of large-splicing a clearly marked.
  3.3 System Reliability
  DLP big screen because of the wall system splicing the special needs of the entire DLP big-screen display system must have a high reliability, high stability characteristics, so as to ensure that the large-screen display system for normal operation.
  3.4 Economic systems
  Stitching package DLP big-screen display system with low power consumption and easy maintenance of the characteristics of effectively reduce system maintenance costs in the operation. A single projector power less than 200 watts, in a 100 W lamp state, the light source lamp life up to 10,000 hours. The DLP projector using modular structure to facilitate the replacement of internal components, easy routine maintenance, such as the replacement of the lamp only a few minutes.
  3.5 System easy expandability
  The combination between the modules using a simple "plug-and-play" mode, making large-screen projection wall display module volume can be increased or reduced without affecting the DLP big-screen display system splicing wall display function, the previous one to avoid Controllers can only control a few big-screen limitations, and highly scalable.
  3.6 Digital Control
  3.7 The best big-screen splicing technology
  Relying on years of professional and technical experience and the application of the latest scientific and technological achievements, we realize today's most advanced large-screen splicing process. The use of special materials and techniques, large-screen display system DLP Stitching made excellent results.

4. DLP big-screen mosaic wall display system functions
  Stitching the DLP Multi-screen systems for complex computer network systems, using a powerful network graphics controller to show different information on the video signals and RGB signal, the entire large-screen display system splicing has the following main functions and features:

>> Stitching large screen control system software platform based on MS Windows core operating system, while supporting the UNIX operating system, network, the NT and UNIX workstations can be displayed through the network DLP big-screen television in the wall.
>> Through computer centralized control, regulating large-screen display system parameters and functions.
>> Support for large-screen multi-screen Image Stitching technology, through superposition resolution, big screen can display super-high-resolution computer graphics.
>> Stitching large-screen projection wall using combinations seamless splicing technology, multi-screen splicing system slot visual effects width ideal physical gap is less than 0.5 mm, optical slot less than 1.0 mm to ensure that the large-screen image display and perfect precision results.
>> Stitching overall big screen after formation, the entire TV screen not punch the wall inequality, the entire wall surface formation precision error does not exceed 0.5 mm outer spray coated with insulating material, coating surface smoothing, spraying uniform, consistent tone.
>> Each block can be individually adjusted single screen brightness, contrast, color saturation; with special color analyzer and software, can be realized for large-screen projection television wall automatic color balance adjustment, the realization of large-screen color uniformity.
>> Stitching large screen control software to set up large-screen all the parameters, and monitoring equipment, CPU boards, the work of state power board, the software can control the lamp switch, extended equipment life.

  Multi-screen splicing EXV for the big screen, the most obvious advantage is that we can through large-screen multi-screen splicing the transmission controller that can be the whole DLP big-screen television display screen as a unified logic system to display high-resolution applications, achieving the full-screen resolution and superposition, such as GPS, GIS, such as electronic maps, and can be used as base map, in all types of application window opened above, as a single-screen display resolution of 1024 x 768, a combination of the system screen resolution of superposition achieved in EXV company configuration of 2 x 10 the whole assembly screen display resolution can be reached 10240 x 1536.

5. On the big screen monitoring and parameter adjustment
  EXV Eviews large-screen multi-screen splicing systems management software is my firm EXV DMVision R60U DLP big-screen projection display modules prepared by the performance of the projection display adjustment module parameters, the system for monitoring splicing control management software. Multi-screen with big-screen splicing control system, can be realized on the big screen mosaic wall perfect management.
  Through EXV Eviews terminal control software can read the life of light bulbs, equipment parameters, can be carried out at the same time large-screen projection display system parameter settings, the great convenience to users to use and maintain the operation of the equipment.
  In this project, depending on the Shenzhen Exhibition DLP technology in its large-screen display system technology and product strength, won the bidding group of leading experts and was unanimously praised.
  The ZTE DLP big-screen mosaic wall shows the success of systems engineering contract fully demonstrates the exhibition industry as a powerful technology products and technology strength.


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