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AV Matrix

 AV Matrix

  EXV series AV matrix is specifically for video, audio signal show that the design of high-performance switching and intelligent matrix switching equipment, will be used for access from various audio and video output in any channel. Due to major works for the radio and television, television teaching, command and control centers, and other occasions.
  This product line with a power switch and memory protection at the scene, audio and video synchronization or separation switching, and other functions, communications with RS232 communication interface, it will be convenient with the computer, remote control system or various remote control devices used. LCD panel, touch-button, status display intuitive, reasonable, and the 24-hour long continuous boot.

Product Characteristics:

◇ Strengthening long-distance transmission of the signal distortion compensation technology.
◇ The scene with a power line protection switching memory, LCD liquid crystal display, audio and video synchronization or separation switching capabilities.
◇ Realizing logic matrix functions, arbitrary choice with the output switch.
◇ Selected professional matrix chip, onboard buffer, the more stable output, high image clarity. Manual control panel, RS-232 control reliable, adding infrared remote control, the use of remote control, and more flexible.

 Product Specifications:
AV Matrix

   ※ Power: 220VAC, 50/60 Hz;
   ※ Temperature: Storage, use temperature: -20° ~ + 70°C;
   ※ Humidity: Storage, use humidity: 10% ~ 90%;
   ※ The average time between failures: 30,000 Hours;
   ※ Warranty: 1 year free warranty, and lifetime maintenance.

     Signal Input
Signal Output
Signal Types
Link Types
Input Level
I/O Impedance
Return Loss
- 30dB@5MHz
- 30dB@5MHz
Largest DC Bias
Switching Speed
10nS (The longest))
> 6 MHZ
Control Mode
RS-232 control protocol, infrared remote control, manual control panel
Port Control
RS - 232,9 needle COM connectors
Baud Rate

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