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VGA Matrix

 VGA Matrix

  EXV VGA series matrix is designed for high-resolution computer video signals and display RGBHV signal design of high-performance switching and broadband matrix switching equipment, the family of products can be widely used in large-screen display systems engineering, electricity teaching, command and control centers, multimedia conference rooms, and so on. EVX-VGA signal switching matrix, an independent RGB HV component input and output terminals, each separate road component signal transmission, a separate switch, realizing logic matrix functions, arbitrary choice with the output switch.

VGA Matrix Characteristics

◇ Without the original audio models on the basis of strengthening the long-distance transmission signal distortion compensation technology.
◇ Non-contact switch using high-speed integrated circuits, switching less than 200 ns delay, the onboard audio and non-audio versions, without audio in the original models on the basis of strengthening the long-distance transmission signal distortion compensation technology, onboard audio models not only in economic input that hold a dominant position, but also to computer video signal and audio signal to achieve seamless synchronization switch, less interference!
◇ Realizing logic matrix functions, arbitrary choice with the output switch. Synchronous Switching crevice, interference even smaller!
◇ Selected professional matrix chip, onboard buffer, the more stable output, high image clarity. Manual control panel, RS-232 control and reliable. Power off-site protection, guarantee switching memory. Infrared remote control can be added, the use of remote control, and more flexible.


VGA matrix product specifications

VGA Matrix

   ※ Power: 220VAC, 50/60 Hz
   ※ Temperature: storage, use temperature: -20°~ + 70°C
   ※ Humidity: storage, use humidity: 10% ~ 90%
   ※ The average time between failures: 30,000 Hours
   ※ Warranty: 1 year free warranty, life-long maintenance

     Signal Input
Signal Output
Signal Types
Link Types
VGA 15HDF Input Interface
VGA 15HDF Output Interface
Minimum Input Level
Maximum Input Level
I/O Impedance
Return Loss
- 30dB@5MHz
- 30dB@5MHz
The Largest Compensation DC
Switching Speed
200nS (The longest)
300MHz(-3dB) Full load
Color Brightness Interference
- 50dB@5MHz - 45Db@10MHz
Control Mode
RS-232 control protocol, infrared remote control, manual control panel
Port Control
RS - 232, 9-pin COM connectors
Baud Rate

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