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Matrix series - EXV big screen mosaic wall peripherals

  EXV Matrix series of highly professional performance by switching chip, onboard buffer and output more stable, clear images without ghosting, embedded intelligent control and management software and provides RS232 control interface, and various user-friendly remote control equipment (such as fast Crestron, AMX, CR-PGM, Reith US special, Silmicro instantaneous dynamic controller) with use. The interface provides RS232 Central, allows multiple switches cascade use, in order to expand the multi-channel ports. Manual panels at the same time, infrared remote control functions (Silmicro infrared controller), power off-site protection, state memory.
DLP large screen VGA Matrix

  EXV-VGA series matrix is designed for high-resolution computer video signals and display RGBHV signal design of high-performance switching and broadband matrix switching equipment, the family of products can be widely used in large-screen display systems engineering, electricity teaching, command and control centers, multimedia conference rooms, and so on.
  EVX VGA signal switching matrix, an independent RGB HV component input and output terminals, each separate road component signal transmission, a separate switch, realizing logic matrix functions, arbitrary choice with the output switch.  More VGA Matrix >>>
VGA Matrix
AV Matrix DLP large screen AV Matrix

  EXV AV switches series is specifically for video, audio signal show that the design of high-performance switching and intelligent matrix switching equipment, will be used for access from various audio and video output in any channel. Due to major works for the radio and television, television teaching, command and control centers, and other occasions.
  This product line with a power switch and memory protection at the scene, audio and video synchronization or separation switching, and other functions, communications with RS232 communication interface, it will be convenient with the computer, remote control system or various remote control devices used. LCD panel, touch-button, status display intuitive, reasonable, and the 24-hour long continuous boot.  More AV Matrix >>>

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