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1. Design Goals

  This project is the image of publicity in order to satisfy the needs of the international allocation of the most advanced technology in large-screen display system splicing. The system uses advanced, mature, reliable, easy maintenance of the equipment; software with the scalability and scalability.

Large Screen Display System design includes the following aspects of the main content:
  Big-screen display system structure design;
  Control system and software design;
  Big-screen display system configuration and equipment choices.

Pre-sale Services

2. Design Principles and Basis

  Large-screen display system for the design of the program, we always adhere to a high starting point, high standards and strict requirements and in light of the company accumulated over the years the system design and project experience, following the scientific design principles, design standards and design specifications, highlighting the advanced nature, applicability and the economy, and has things in advance and to ensure that the establishment of the system to achieve world-class level.

1. Large-screen display wall system design principles

(1) Applicability of principle
  Large-screen image display system and services is an important component of publicity, the system must ensure that practical and effectively meet the needs of CIS image.
(2) Conservation principles
  Full use of the building of a number of subsystems system equipment, to do more with less, the most reasonable pursuit of the highest possible configuration and cost performance.
(3) Reliability principle
  To meet the large-screen display system 24 hours a day of continuous operation, thus the reliability of its design must follow the principle of the wall in the big-screen splicing system design, selection of key parts of the high-reliability equipment, the control of the important nodes use of advanced high-tech technology to protect.
(4) Standardized principles
  Large-screen system in the selected control technology and equipment, in compliance with international standards, and make full use of the advantages of various products, their organic whole. In other words, the system requirements of the communications environment, the hardware environment, software environment mutual dependence kept to the minimum, give full play to their own advantages at the same time, large-splicing system for information sharing for network control and create favorable conditions for the Internet.
(5) Scalability principle
  Along with the development of networks, system expansion is inevitable, and thus the system design takes into full consideration the feasibility of future system expansion.
(6) The principle of progressiveness and mature
  According to large-screen display system and the characteristics of their own development control technology to the development trend in the mainframe selection, system architecture design, equipment configuration, management, and other aspects of international adoption on both sophisticated and mature and reliable technology.
(7) Compatibility Principles
  Large Screen Display System project to achieve the perfect Tandem various subsystems, system compatibility becomes a very necessary.
(8) Maintainability, manageability principle
  We proceed from the user's perspective, taking into account the full system equipment installation, configuration, user-friendly features, has strong network management tools, rational allocation and adjustment of system load, monitor system status, control system operation.

2. Big-screen display system design basis

(1) Standard
  IEEE802.3 10BASE-T;
  IEEE802.5 Token Ring;
  Industry-standard building cabling and international business standards;
  ISO/IEC JTCI/SC25/VVG3; XT005-95 "Communication Council (Station) power system of technical requirements" (Interim Provisions) with regard to the content of centralized monitoring;
  Integrated Power System [1997] 472 of the "communications power supplies, air-conditioned room Centralized Monitoring Management System (Temporary Provisions)."
  GBJ 232-82, "The installation of electrical installations and acceptance of norms: 17th chapter: electrical equipment test standards handover chapter" [1983.5.];
  BG6510-85 "30 MHZ to 1GHZ voice and the cable television signal distribution system";
  GB 84 "communications network technology standards compilation" [1989.10.];
  GB 50252-94 "Industrial Quality Inspection and Evaluation installation of uniform standards" [1994.12.].
(2) Installation and design specifications
  Industrial enterprises in communication design specifications;
  GA/T75-1994 security procedures and project requirements;
  GA/T74-1994 security system common graphical symbols;
  GA/T70-94 security engineering cost estimates budgeting;
  JGJ/T16-1992 civil construction electrical design specifications;
  GB50198-1994 civil closed-circuit television monitoring systems engineering technical specifications;
  GY/T106-1999 cable television system technical specifications;
  GB50200-1994 cable systems engineering technical specifications;
  Lucent SYSTEM structured cabling system design general provisions;
  Architecture and engineering complex integrated wiring design specifications;
  Architecture and Architectural Engineering Construction Group integrated wiring installation standards;

3. Large Screen Display System Design Idea

   Through the large-screen display system needs careful analysis and research, to meet the needs of the premise, at the same time combining advanced technology systems, reliability, cost performance, scalability, and other factors upgrade, I proposed to the company high marks Differentiation of DLP big-screen display system, network video transmission system for the main design. Throughout the design embodies the design of the following:
(1) Advanced System
   Today, the projection display in the field, from the analog circuit-driven show to all-digital display system is a qualitative leap. We recommended by the system, from the DLP projector to the control system are all digital, the world today marks the latest display and processing technology. Digital is a system we recommend clearly marked.
  We have adopted the United States TI (Texas Instruments Instrument American company) produced the single DMDTM (digital micromirror driver chips) DLPTM (Digital Light Processor) projection Machine is a high-resolution and high brightness dedicated large-screen projection traverse splicing, has better color and brightness output reduction performance, the projector box represents the most advanced technology levels. The current DLP products have worldwide promotion and application of rapid, in the domestic market also has many successful cases.
  I passed by the company itself has developed a large-screen mosaic wall systems management software, serial and IP through parallel structures of the various discrete subsystems organic combination of system software using C/S mode, and to realizing the network at the centralized control and management competence. Using modular system software design, the advanced nature and good scalability.
  We believe that as technology companies EXV exhibition recommended products in the 21st century will continue to maintain its world-leading performance.
(2) The rationality of the system, economy
  The pursuit of efficient, low-cost business is gradually moving towards commercialization of the measures must be taken. Thus, the selection of equipment in a reasonable balance, on the basis of good performance, but should also consider the economic, in addition to overall system cost, should also consider the cost of long-term operation.
  Throughout the program design process, the Company has always been to the reasonableness of the allocation as an important basis for the design. The users of every cent spent on knife's edge, we design every element of our fully into account the reasonableness of the equipment configuration, utilization and cost-effective.
  Large-screen mosaic wall system core equipment selection, modular design, ubiquitous everywhere reflecting the company for the sake of the users thinking. Can say so, this selection of the design of the equipment is shown in achieving the same function under the premise of the most rational allocation, each product can give full play to their performance, cost-effective high embodies principles.
  We recommend the complete system is maintenance-free and low power consumption characteristics. The effective operation of the system to reduce the maintenance costs. A single projector power consumption below 120W, 24 hour continuous operation without maintenance, cold light source lamp (PHILIP UHP lamp) for life < strong>8000 hours. The entire system operational savings in manpower costs, electricity costs and consumables costs.
(3) The reliability of the system
  As large-screen display system work of the special nature of its system requirements in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for work, the large-screen display system must have a high reliability, high stability characteristics, in order to ensure continuous system perennial in normal operation.
(4) System easy expandability
  The combination between the modules using a simple "plug-and-play" mode, making the display module projection wall arbitrary number can increase or decrease without affecting the display system to avoid a controller in the past can only control a few screen the restrictions, and highly scalable.
(5) A friendly user interface
  "High-tech products' fool '- operation" is the Company's operating software design purposes. For society, the existence of the more advanced system, the more complex the operation, specifically on the operation of the Company conducted a comprehensive software optimization, and adopted the "WYSIWYG" - intuitive operating methods. A friendly user interface and simple intuitive operational methods enabling users to receive a few hours of training, this advanced system will be conducted skilled operation, the user's real convenient to use.
(6) Digital Control
  Circuit adopted the specialized color optimization compensation technology and accurate color digital control technology through comprehensive functional control software, from both hardware and software combination displays with the highest level of color balance and brightness balance to the technical guarantee. Each module can be conducted projection image contrast, brightness, dark-balance and balance adjustments, the lamp color gamma correction, color temperature preferences.
(7) The best screen splicing technology
  Relying on years of professional and technical experience and the application of the latest scientific and technological achievements, we realize today's most advanced large-screen splicing process. The use of special materials and technology, the screen splicing made an excellent effect: Construction of the factors and the appropriate temperature reserved slot into account, we can guarantee that the large-screen display system screen and the slot gap between the screen less than 1 mm.

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