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Sales of Services:

1. Implementation plan

1. Departments set up projects



Project Manager

 Be responsible for the entire project completed by the contract demands of the whole project rational allocation of resources.

Technology Group

 Design engineering drawings, construction plans developed, software development and application, handling the scene Construction of technical problems.

Engineering Group

 According to engineering drawings and construction plans on-site construction.

Quality Supervisor

 Responsible for the construction of the entire project to achieve the quality requirements of the contract, on-site construction quality control.

Security Supervisor

 Responsible for on-site environment, and all the equipment and the safety of the personnel involved in the construction.

Scene Coordinator

 A and B both sides responsible for handling the construction coordination to ensure the smooth implementation of the project according to plan.

Logistics Group

 The project materials procurement, transportation, handling, and other supporting services.


Sales of services

2. Management organization

(1) Management measures
  • EXV Show, as technology companies developed enterprise standards, product development, production, installation and provide the basis protection.
  • Product traceability. Each product has a complete assembly wasted cards and debug test cards filing, the issue of quality to provide traceability to facilitate companies adopt pertinent measures for improving things.
  • Have a strict raw material storage and product delivery inspection system, and ensure that there are no quality problems in use of raw materials, substandard products not manufactured, product design drawings installed in strict accordance with the requirements and the preservation of the quality of the corresponding records.
  • Apparatus for measuring quality inspection center for specialized management regularly scheduled seized, and internal calibration, measurement failure to use equipment from the scene.
  • Implementation of the "three persistences" principle. That is no reason check left off, and those responsible for other operators did not receive education left off, improved measures are put into effect left off.
  • The company attaches great importance to the training of staff. To give lectures on the methods of teaching staff every staff safety and quality of the education and awareness of operational skills training to employees through training before they can be for posts.
  • EXV Show, as technology companies attach great importance to product after-sales service. Companies have full-time After-sales Services personnel, can quickly and effectively deal with customer advice, the quality of opinions and complaints.
(2) Quality control procedures
  From the design, procurement to purchase testing, inspection process, the ultimate test to staff training, quality OIA, services, statistics and other 20 areas of operation in strict accordance with the quality standards and ensure the continued quality of the product, and stability.
(3) Quality control staffing
  Quality System of Quality Supervision, Inspection Center as a functional department is responsible for company-wide quality management, including the process of order and raw materials into the plant inspection, the quality control of production processes, products settlement testing, quality system documentation preparation and implementation, supervision and after-sale service , the collection of information and user feedback. Quality inspection departments managers responsible for the day-to-day work of departments. In the design, procurement, production, assembly, and other key sectors with rich professional experience in the establishment of a full-time quality controllers and other departments to establish a part-time examiner, and regularly test their quality of professional training and evaluation.

2. The owners meet requirements

To tie in with the timetable for the progress of the projects carried out by the various stages of work required owners with the following tasks:
1. Organizations attended the scene investigation, deepening the design drawings;
2. Organizations responsible for equipment delivery personnel, cargo storage, custody, etc.;
3. Participate in the system of personnel of the FBI;
4. Participate in the training of personnel at the scene;
5. Organizations attended acceptance.

3. Projects and content

1. Project schedule

  According to the experience of implementation, the following table for our normal work schedule. The time required for general equipment arrived 7 weeks of construction 1 week under the Network Management Center project large-screen display system features, the construction process include the following items:
Equipment Orders: Including DLP big-screen projector screen, the controller, switching equipment, structural pieces, such as cable joints.
Pre-construction Preparations: Mainly refer to the scene investigation, display equipment, personnel arrangements, and other pre-construction work.
Integrated Cabling: Statistics good mainly refers to two good command center and positioning the various equipment required for interconnection cable connector; high and low voltage power supply settings, line pipe groove layout, hole location.
The structure of Production and Processing: DLP big-screen combinations including Ping base structure, etc..
Installation Debugging: DLP mainly refers to the installation of large-screen projection screen, the controller, switching equipment, structural, and other equipment.
Software Development, Testing: Including software development, modification, testing at the scene until meet the demand.
The FBI System: All equipment installed on-line after the transfer.
Trial Operation: Total adjusted for a period of trial operation, completing the trial run report.
Training System: Including the theory, operation, maintenance training.
Acceptance System: A and B mutual organizations acceptance.

2. Construction process flow map

(1) Equipment orders
  According to the tender requirements include DLP big-screen projector screen, controller, switching equipment, structural, cable connectors, and other equipment to conclude contracts in place after 25 days.
  After arrival in equipment, installation, users responsible for the contract in accordance with the list of equipment shipped equipment inventory and acceptance. Site engineers for the opening test of goods, the quality of equipment problem, debugging, participate in the trial operation and performance acceptance tests, the entire process must be completed under the supervision of the user.
(2) Preparations
  Paper drawings: System project design, the system schematics, flow control signal plans, the control center equipment display floor plan, large screen display walls equipment elevation.
  Tools: Color main signal analyzer, generator, oscilloscope, white balance device, as meters, sound level meter, real-time analyzer, digital multimeter, sniffers such as this.
  Staff: The technical service personnel at the scene entirely firmly abide by the law and abide by the rules and regulations of the user site, good health and fully able to adapt to the scene of the working environment and conditions, and fully understand and be familiar with the system installed after training and certification, a senior systems engineer.
  Technical services officers at the scene of the normal work necessary contacts, and the list of personnel changes and other matters will be the same user (demand-side) for consultation and prior notice.
   My company has produced a great number of experienced, the actual ability, and through formal training systems engineer manufacturers, they have enriched the development, implementation and maintenance of engineering experience.
(3) Determine whether venues meet the requirement
  Projects involving computer servers, DLP big-screen projector screen, switching equipment, large-screen monitors and other equipment should be installed on the occasion comply with the following requirements:
Room temperature and humidity requirements

Control Room

Auxiliary Space


22 °C \ 2 °C

18°C ~ 28°C


45% ~ 60%

40% ~ 70%

Temperature Changes:

< 5 °C/h (No Dew)

< 10 °C/h

Venues environmental requirements
   Room partitions and doors should be of good confined. Control Room dust concentration in the air under the conditions of static tests per liter of air over 0.5μm in the number of particles should be less than 18,000.
  Static mainframe room noise should be less than 68 db (A).
   Mainframe room radio interference field strength. The frequency is 0.15 ~ 1000 MHz, should not be greater than 126 db.
  Room mainframe environment magnetic interference field strength should not exceed 800 A/M.
   The start for the B provide conditions; guarantee the construction site of the environment clean and tidy, are prohibited, such as dust and oil.
  Stitching guarantee big-screen wall installation location ground load bearing capacity of not less than 400 Kg/m2.
   The guarantee smoothness of the ground, there must be no obvious punch and grievances (less than 5 mm).
Electricity demand
  UPS power supply system should be strictly separated from ordinary electricity system. UPS should adopt double backup and not less than 30 minutes of backup time, computer socket electricity lines zero line voltage on the ground wire can not be greater than 1 volts.
  Ordinary maintenance socket and lighting electricity lines there should be leakage protection switching.
  All the engine room of electrical material shall have the fire department recognized production certificates, all wire and cable shall be difficult for the fire retardant or flame retardant cable.
  All the engine room of the wire and cable distribution lines should trunkings or line of metal protection, and good grounding.
  Each of these power wiring of the mouth maximum current value should not be less than 10A.
  The provision of equipment supply, demand total power of 50 KW.
Air-conditioning demand
  Mainframe the air supply to the use of constant temperature and humidity under special air-conditioners, other ancillary space can be used and well-being of the type of air-conditioners (if any building central air-conditioning system should also configuration), all air-conditioned room configuration in mind when backup machine design.
  The new room should be set up within the fan so that the mainframe room to maintain positive pressure to prevent external dust to enter the engine room to maintain cleanliness.
Grounding requirements
  Building without grounding equipment should be installed for exclusive grounding system.
   Exclusive use of the computer power supply independent grounding, lightning protection and grounding may not shared grounding. Dedicated to the computer at the standard power supply grounding resistance of not more than 1 ohm. Grounding into other exchanges work, safety protection, and lightning protection. Should less than 4 OU. If grounding a comprehensive grounding system, grounding resistance by computer dedicated grounding resistance requirements, grounding resistance less than 1 ohm.
Fire requirements
  Engine room should be equipped with fire detection (temperature flu, Smoke feeling) devices, and equipped with gas fire extinguishing installations. The project design and construction by the fire have received quality certificates from the construction units to implement.

4. Installation steps and focus

1. Construction process

According to the implementation of the project, the entire project process can be divided into:
Phase I: Needs analysis stage of investigation (including application requirements, process Survey)
Phase I: The design phase (including hardware and software system design)
Phase III: Project implementation phase (including all hardware and software systems installed)
Phase IV: Testing the FBI stage (including all subsystem testing and the entire system of the FBI)
Phase V: System run on trial basis (including trial operation and system adjusted)
Phase VI: System maintenance phase (including the formal operation and system maintenance)
The progress of the project from the list can see, after the signing of the contract, will immediately begin ordering equipment, construction site investigation, the installation of equipment in the equipment arrived, fully installed as far as possible in parallel, in order to minimize the construction period.
Installation steps:
1. opening inspection: According to the inventory list of goods one by one, fill opening inspection report.
2. Hardware and electrical testing: careful observation of light, if a hardware error, filling in the report.
3. Complete hardware connections: the system in the correct installation of various equipment boost, and other external connectivity equipment.
4. The completion of the installation of the software: the control of the operating system software installed and tested.
5. Identify and software system configuration: Application of discussions with customers demand determine the parameters set software.
6. Functional Test System product design consistent with the program.
7. Complete installation of the report.
8. Discussion of the remaining issues.

2. Construction points

  If the large-screen display system equipment at the scene in the process of installing equipment failure, engineers and users will be engineers with fault of the equipment necessary for maintenance and replacement of hardware, equipment returned to normal. And users with maintenance of the equipment failure is the purpose of these engineers gradually through practice site maintenance with the practical experience.
  System hardware and software installation. We strictly follow the implementation of plans to complete the arrangements for system hardware, software installation, completed the report after completing the installation.
  EXV engineers will do the installation process user's system and network administrators for each a brief description of the installation process, after the installation of the system and network administrators to manage the system simple site training, so that administrators can complete most the basic system and network management tasks.
  Systems with customers to discuss the implementation of the problems encountered, and system implementation to sum up, to see whether there are remaining issues to resolve pending further follow-up, follow-up work out the time schedule to resolve.
  Developed complete installation files, such as hardware configuration map, the physical and logical network maps, network equipment configuration parameters, database parameters.

3. The stage results and acceptance procedures

  In order to achieve the desired objectives, the project plan should be implemented fully optimized parallel to the work carried out in parallel as much as possible, but also give full consideration to the possibility of scheduling some time to work objectively is not shortened, or shorten after seriously affect project quality, compressed project cycle premise is to guarantee the quality of the works.
  Acceptance of the system when my company transferred to the customer units and associated technical and log files. Specific details include: system management, configuration; system and attention to the day-to-day operation and maintenance matters; system hardware, application software maintenance attention to day-to-day matters, system design program book.
  Project documentation including: equipment inventory, installation documents, process records, acceptance records, running records, as well as relevant technical information, such as the connection graph, configuration files, and so on. And for the customers and staff responsible for the technical unit responsible for all aspects of business.
  The above schedule is under contract and technical requirements of their own long-term experience in the development of that plan, the actual schedule will be planned in the list after the two sides signed a contract mutually agreed by the two sides reached. Our final implementation plan to the two sides also confirmed the implementation plan shall prevail.

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